2014 Motorcycle Short Boots and Riding Shoes Buying Guide at RevZilla.com

2014 Motorcycle Short Boots and Riding Shoes Buying Guide http://www.revzilla.com/best-short-boots-riding-shoes-2014-guide?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=…

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31 Responses to 2014 Motorcycle Short Boots and Riding Shoes Buying Guide at RevZilla.com

  1. RevZilla says:

    +Joe G.P. Are you referring to our 2013 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator
    Buying Guide or this video? We haven’t released our 2014 Motorcycle
    Bluetooth Communicator Buying Guide yet. -Hi-Viz Brian

  2. neuregel says:

    ive watched dozens of your reviews. love them………..always wondered
    how many takes to make a vid, or do you just naturally talk that fast and
    know all model numbers??

  3. CrazyIn6thGear says:

    What would be some good on off road boot/shoes that’s are water proof?

  4. Guilherme Gabriel says:

    Hi, i travel every weekend about 100 km to visit my parents, with my ninja
    300, which boots do u guys recommends to me ? , a shoe,short boot… thx

  5. yourmasterofdisaster says:

    whats the difference between the s-mx1 and the s-mx1.1 ?

  6. ish jay says:

    Ant u need a different shirt. Lol

  7. Karl Kleve says:

    Your videos are incredibly clear and informative. Thank you for making it
    easier to buy riding gear online. 

  8. Richard Burns says:

    Vera Cruz looks Va Va VOOM! (That means bad A$$)

  9. dafobra says:

    I love my SMX1s.. those Dainese C2Bs look they are a great alternative in a
    few years when I need a new set…

  10. GsxrGrl21 says:

    Loveeeeee my Truants!! Very comfy,protection is great. Can’t go wrong with
    them :D

  11. Joe G.P. says:

    Please fix the Bluetooth buying guide annotations, the link doesn’t lead to
    anything Bluetooth related

  12. Paul Wulff says:

    Icon Truants! 1 year and 7000mi with minimal signs of wear. #rideicon

  13. Hock Ooi says:

    Could you please suggest some riding shoes for feet size of 37 for iding in
    hot tropical weather (Malaysia) ? Thank You!

  14. Daniel Tojcic says:

    Hey, which boots or shoes run a little wider than normal? I wear 10.5E and
    like a lot of the ones displayed, but I can’t wear the puma style shoes
    because my feet are wide

  15. Nerfern says:


  16. Julian Bennett says:

    I own the S/S, Icon, and the TCX primarily because they look casual enough
    to wear when I commute and work. love all 3 but for different reasons.

    the S/S Black 9 are the most casual, practically a skate shoe but with some
    protection. affordable and comfortable.

    the Icon Truant offers far more protection and have an aggressive
    apocalyptic kind of look. a little pricey but solid. I wear these if I’m

    the TCX X-Raps are my overall favorite though. adequate protection, good
    quality, and looks good. reasonably priced. 

  17. Anthony Campos says:

    Why the hell is the sidi mythos not on this list?

  18. Scott Johnson says:

    Hey Anthony…lay off the ‘Red Bull-5 Hour Energy-Mountain Dew mix’ before
    the videos. I get you have a ton of these to get through but you’re near
    auctioneer speed at your intro and moving so fast in the vid it’s
    off-putting. Love you guys! 

  19. Matthew Bacis says:

    Absolutely love my TCX X-Square Sport boots.

  20. chungchootairong says:

    When will the faster come out? It was suppose to come out at the beginning
    of March but it still hasn’t. 

  21. ericp1791 says:

    Why not the S&S Moment of Truth shoes?

  22. TransAmlove says:

    Everytime i see somethin on here i wanna buy it lol. Thankd RevZilla!

  23. ravenryuu says:

    Excellent guide :-)

  24. Eric Powell says:

    I own the Icon and love it, great boot I can ride to work use it all day
    and ride home. Very comfortable.

  25. Ryder RR1 says:

    You speak too fast

  26. squrlyinsane says:

    my 2 years old brother loves this song listens to it at least 5 times a day

  27. Emma Watterson says:

    jk its great 4 kids

  28. Splash'N Boots says:

    YAY! So glad to hear that!

  29. Amanda Hachey says:

    My 2 yr old son loves this:):):)

  30. Laura Hamerlik says:
  31. Kyle Sampson says:

    Who is the girl at 0:58? Where can i see the credits to this?

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