Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford Shoe Review – 1 year later

Allen Edmonds Strand Dress Shoe: Woodlore Adjustable Shoe Tree –…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford Shoe Review – 1 year later

  1. joegarcia54 says:

    Pretty sensative aren’t you? Well Mr. High Roller, it doesn’t matter how
    expensive the shoes are to keep them clean. It speaks volume of a man how
    he keeps his shoes.Money doesn’t make the man, so you can get off that

  2. Yacov LK says:

    Why polish such a low priced shoe? You all talk like they are John Lobb of
    London or Berluti of Paris. I agree they are a quality but entry level

  3. Colin Wolfe says:

    At this point the shoes are two years old; a follow-up would be interesting

  4. ricochet188 says:

    I love how some people get so uppity about how you care for YOUR OWN shoes.
    Who cares if you didn’t polish them?

  5. Josh Jordan says:

    Please don’t go a year at a time without caring for them. They deserve
    better! :'(

  6. yumchuckit says:

    Why did you buy them if you’re not going to bother polishing them or use a
    heel dressing? 

  7. gsotoaz says:

    Why is that brand SO expensive??!

  8. russphilly says:

    try to take better care of them…

  9. John C says:

    A decent pair of leather dress shoes should be regularly maintained. That
    means edge dressing soles and heels, and polishing with shoe cream…. Not
    that wax from a supermarket. AND NEVER, EVER use spray polish! 

  10. Jeremy Day says:

    DO NOT USE MINK OIL ON LEATHER FOOTWEAR. It will over soften the leather
    and ruin the support.

  11. joegarcia54 says:

    It’s time to polish those puppies. Don’t you think?

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