Back To School Shoes Haul (Steve Madden, Converse, Hunter Boots, etc.)

READ ME FOR SMILES (And important info too!) My Back to School Look Book: MORE KIMM:…

“How to polish your boots”: A basic guide for Cadets!! How to polish any shoes. A basic guide for anyone! Hey everyone! So I just made this video to give the…

50 Responses to Back To School Shoes Haul (Steve Madden, Converse, Hunter Boots, etc.)

  1. Saraah N says:

    She kinda looks like Bethany mota idk

  2. MissEmmajemma says:

    hunter boots are wellies though 

  3. Ella Scott says:

    Where’s your hanging picture thing from in the background

  4. Owen White says:

    cutie pie

  5. sephora chick says:

    how much were the hunter boots on the website?

  6. redhot654 says:

    Lol…wish I was rich enough to get hunters+converse+steve madden all at

  7. Aaa68602 says:

    can you model them?

  8. sandy ibrahim says:

    No ef fence but I find hunter boots a waste of money

  9. isha verma says:

    I love u

  10. keep_it_real says:

    i want white converse too!!!

  11. jazmichi14 says:

    IS she still dating chris?

  12. HeyitsSamantha says:

    Hi I’m a tutorial page to mind subscribing to me?

  13. latinac says:

    we are the same shoe size! that is so cool :)

  14. TheErikax12 says:

    you mean leg warmers?

  15. bri marie says:

    Your starting to get a little ombré in your hair you look gorgeous as
    always :)

  16. Amy Golder says:

    The hunter boot looks like muck boots

  17. Kiara Kearney says:

    Ii checked that website to

  18. Carina A says:

    Those hunter boots are so cute

  19. SWEETBABE870 says:

    I love the brown boots, ps can do a video with chris please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gladys Anne Alonzo says:

    I love the tone of your voice! It is so soothing and lovely

  21. mara says:

    I love how happy you are. :)

  22. Alexis June says:

    The hunter boots look like much boots

  23. AddictedAMarie says:

    Super cute… ALL of them!!!!! … Just FYI, cognac is pronounced cone-yak

  24. Brooke F says:

    Can you do an updated nail polish collection video! Also where did u get
    your nail polish rack

  25. Alyssa Kaitlyn says:

    Nice shoes! :)

  26. GracefulWalrusPK says:

    Brandon Landers. Can’t reply directly to your comment but you are very
    welcome! I’m glad your boots are stunning now!!

  27. GracefulWalrusPK says:

    Hey Henry. YouTube isn’t letting me directly respond to your comment for
    some reason.

    You’re very welcome. Surprise them!

  28. GracefulWalrusPK says:

    @daniel Ibarra
    Not sure why I can’t reply to you, but yes, it works for any boot. Just put
    a good basecoat for the rougher boots. If it worked for cardboard, it’ll
    work for anything else

  29. TheHiddenGamer says:

    +GracefulWalrusPK Two things: 1. This really helped, thank you so much for
    creating this video! And 2. I’m a freshman at my high-school this year and
    I’m taking NJROTC (Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) this year
    and the Master Sargent and the Captain, who run the program, provided us
    with dress shoes. Would this method work on them too?

  30. GracefulWalrusPK says:

    @Daniel webb: I know. I actually made them split even more after I
    originally noticed it because it creates a louder bang. The end product is
    what you see right now. I’m always one step ahead :)

    That being said, I didn’t purposely split them in the first place, I just
    noticed and took advantage of the loss

  31. M says:

    Is this a leather boot?

  32. Drago2600 says:

    2 minutes into the video for you to start anything… 

  33. Ryan Dickson says:

    As a Cpl. this will help me a lot 

  34. luke crosby says:

    cheers for this video it really helped me

  35. Freudian Slip says:

    Your moving the camera every 3 seconds is to distracting. 

  36. danthemanzizle says:

    you should take a second to polish your camera lens before your next video

  37. jhawk2800 says:

    I have my first inspection tomorrow. How shinny should my shoes be. I’m in
    Navy jrotc

  38. PhanceyDan says:

    thank you so much

  39. Deltamedic68w says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Lost my shining skills when we switched from black
    boots to ACU boots. I will pass this learning on

  40. MiniBlingKing says:

    instead of blowing warm air could you use a lighter?

  41. Uncle Bob says:

    why are you not lighting the polish on fire? it absorbs the oils better

  42. ldchappell1 says:

    WTF? Why did this video come up when I typed in “magic tricks”? 

  43. Maxwell Powell says:

    Ha he’s an air cadet. What a loser, but I would feel comfortable showing
    this to my cadets. I mean its a boot and a boots a boot.

  44. Joris Jean van der Lugt says:

    thanks this was realy helpfull. :D

  45. WootTootZoot says:

    Spit won’t work to give you the high shine your looking for. If you really
    want to get specific, use distilled water.

  46. Dan Howe says:

    Use a lighter instead of the sun 

  47. davidslapspin says:

    What squadron?

  48. Dxtr940 says:

    Two words: Leather Luster. If you don’t know what that is then google it.
    Used it on my dress boots in the army and was praised by my platoon
    commander for having the best boots. Saves so much time!

  49. pcking2008 says:

    wth is he saying? really bad microphone

  50. godofall says:

    nope i stopped watching because you moved the camera too damn much

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