Big feet need cute shoes too!!

Big feet need cute shoes too!!

42% of women wear a sz 9 or larger (Including Oprah, Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton). Here are a few tips on how to shop for cute shoes in a larger sizes and st…
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  1. Ms Twistedtressys says:

    I’m a size 14, sometimes a 13. I shop online for my shoes at Barefootess
    Shoes and Zappos. There’s another website called Shoes Of Your Dreams.
    sometimes I can find shoes at Avenue/Cloudwalkers website.

  2. ccastro306 says:

    just so you know, a 4 inch heel (measured at the back of the heel) adds
    about 3 inches of height when you’re standing up….

  3. likeyeah2 says:

    were you get it from

  4. Ceviche Brown says:

    video very helpful. i wear a size 11. it so hard finding cute shoes.

  5. Briana Sumpter says:

    THANK YOU! for making this i struggle often with finding shoes and i am the
    same height as well!

  6. footloversonly1962 says:


  7. Tiffani R. Moore says:

    Good luck with that!!! LOL! I am a shoe and vintage clothing hoarder!

  8. Nyla Coils says:

    My cousin @we_exist has a tall girl’s convention scheduled- they are
    addressing this very fact. We like cute shoes not some granny shoe.

  9. Ade Karina says:

    I’m from T’dad too (hgt- 5’9”) and size 11-12!! And the hard thing about
    Payless is that you have to get the good shoes in the big sizes early cuz
    all that is left eventually are really ugly!!

  10. Camsmommy02 says:

    Girl, it’s like you made this vid especially for me. I’m 5’10 and wear a
    size 10 1/2 or an 11 and I love me some shoes. It’s like the makers don’t
    understand that we like to wear sharp shoes too. It does seem to be turning
    around for us big foot girls though (fingers crossed) because the selection
    seems to be getting better.

  11. Amaris xo says:

    thats too much money

  12. B. Shorter says:

    Well show us those sexy feet!!

  13. tamiqua2 says:

    your facial expressions are too funny! lol <3

  14. agardner33724 says:

    This is V e r y helpful!! Not much variety at school in Troy, Alabama. :/

  15. DreadWizardDM says:

    I think women with large feet are sexy!

  16. BrownEyedKK says:

    OK, weird question …. what happened to the furniture you bought from the
    thrift store? Did I miss a video?

  17. Tiffani R. Moore says:

    I have cried over shoes before, no shame in that… Im glad this helps!

  18. samillien says:

    I am 6 feet tall and wear a size 11. Some of the places where I find cute
    shoes for a reasonable price are Nordstrom/Nordstrom rack, JC Penny, and
    Macy’s. I’ve found a few cute pair of shoes at Ross too.

  19. loveqdln2 says:

    Thank you so much it is so hard finding shoes that are true to size. Macy
    also will have larger sizes, I think the price is fine those of us who
    understand that finding a leather shoe in a size 11 or larger we will pay
    the price to have nice shoes, besides shoe are an investment for us. Thanks
    for the video..

  20. PKNATCH says:

    Thank you girl!!! I’m 5’10” and I wear a size 11.

  21. Taren Guy says:

    Hmmmmm…. We friends and I ain’t know none of this info! LOL ;-P P.S Sun
    setting #Funny Lol…

  22. Tiffani R. Moore says:

    I’m full of jewels Taren I thought you knew that!!! The sun setting on my
    face is a little ridiculous… LOL!!

  23. nerdynap says:

    I’m also 5’10 and wear a size 10 1/2 or an 11 shoe; my holy grail shoe
    store is Nordstrom Rack. Some styles can be pricey but the quality&
    selection makes them worth it.

  24. silverstar415850 says:

    *gush* I love your confidence! I’m 6’1 and really really wanna wear heels
    more but Im sooo self conscious of being 6’4 or taller In them!

  25. AfrikanHairGod says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, I’m a guy who just started wearing high
    heels this year and finding some really cute high heel shoes in 11 is hard
    to shop for.

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