Canzano: A long walk in a Portland Police officer's shoes

Canzano: A long walk in a Portland Police officer's shoes
This is how a homeless man with no teeth and no hope ended up wearing the $ 140 boots of a 41-year old police officer last week. This is how Officer Singh, a man who grew up in Pendleton, ended up sitting with a sports columnist, talking about the …

After shoemaker's violent death, an outpouring of goodwill
On this day, right after first-time customer Power left — reminding Sheklian that at her age, all her shoes would need nonskid soles — Lynn Jenkins made his first visit to the shop too, bringing in cowboy boots. He didn't say anything directly about …
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Fast-Growing Hoka One One Looks To Go Beyond Niche
The brand, a fully owned division of Deckers since 2013, is approaching 700 retail store accounts in the U.S., up from 90 two years ago, and Van Dine expects that by this month Hoka shoes will be sold in 1,200 total doors. The internal team now numbers …

New Popularity Of LL Bean Boots Sparks Scramble To Fill Orders
L.L. Bean's iconic rubber and leather boots — long worn by practical and preppie New Englanders — have swung back into fashion with young people and are more popular than ever. The recent surge in demand has the company scrambling to fill orders, …
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