Classic Oxford Shoes in Chestnut Brown from Samuel Windsor Using time honoured shoe making techniques…

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9 Responses to Classic Oxford Shoes in Chestnut Brown from Samuel Windsor

  1. Rebecca Virta says:

    Super cute! Of course they are pink. :)

  2. marydreams says:

    i just got a pink oxfords too! hehe but first day they hurted my feets! 

  3. Trendy Persusian says:

    I like it…Oxfords are not my thing either but I have gotten on the ban
    wagon for comfort. I’m so happy shoe designers are making very cute and
    fashionable flats. Let all the feet say AMEN

  4. ellipirelli13 says:

    Your shoes are super cute! I have a pair of patent black oxfords but
    unfortunately I rarely wear them.

  5. NickaPaulo says:

    I don’t like oxford shoes but i love those =D

  6. Erin Perkins says:

    Those are too cute!! I usually don’t like oxfords, but I would wear those

  7. ceci styles says:

    Oh gosh!!!! Those are sooo cute! 

  8. buckweeve says:

    You look really beautiful!!!!

  9. skatnp01 says:

    Those are fabulous pair!! love the sparkled heels! You look tres chic!

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