Classic Plaid Skirt and cute shoes YT

Classic Plaid Skirt and cute shoes YT

A great classic wool skirt and slip-on shoes, sent in by a car fan. Thanks for your patience while I get edits done and fight with my internet provider. Comi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Classic Plaid Skirt and cute shoes YT

  1. j4mazinger says:


  2. Sanford Williams says:

    Classy and elegant as always.

  3. johngelsomino says:

    Thanks a ton Anna. That is the Luckiest Grand Marquis ever made!!!

  4. jamie qualls says:

    Love it

  5. Jimit Talekar says:

    awesome aunty long time no see

  6. vermillionstitch says:

    Its all good to wait for your videos Anna. :)
    Plus i love the skirt and of course the shoes.

  7. curtis pierre says:

    Decm67 bro watch your dam mouth show anna and her daughter some respect

  8. columbo13 says:

    Absolutely awesome! Please make a cranking or stuck clip also with these
    pumps! Please!

  9. Beattle92 says:

    I go crazy when you hammer it to the floor! You do it for me, keep it
    going! Love your vids

  10. LakDel says:

    I love that !!!!!! Peep toes !!

  11. tolodasilva says:

    lov the way u press the gas to the floor! When we’ll see ur bare soles with
    imprints of the gas? :)

  12. decm67 says:

    your a liar,,,u said Lauren would be on soon,,,,,weres Lauren weres lauren
    weres fucking lauren,,,,,

  13. Speed Bump says:

    This is a great rev clip, Anna. Very cute outfit you have on as well.
    Fantastic revving, And as always, I wish I could have been at your exhaust
    as you were going this. I’m glad you’re posting again and I hope you get
    your Internet issues worked out. I miss you. Take care. ;)

  14. stanley57hrr says:

    Nicely done! Love the skirt, heels too! Maybe next time in the truck
    holding the clutch??

  15. MsPedalpumping says:

    Gorgeous revving!
    And the shoes are really cute as well!
    It’s the same girl that accelerated with the white shoes?
    The style is the same revving!

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