Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson Chat The Simmons’ Sisters Pastry Shoes

Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson Chat The Simmons' Sisters Pastry Shoes

http:/ Growing up in Australia must be rough. Especially in the summertime. Kidding! I…

25 Responses to Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson Chat The Simmons’ Sisters Pastry Shoes

  1. mewangel26 says:

    Cody&Alli: *talk talk mumble* Me:WHAT!?!?! SPEAK LOUDER!!! lol jk

  2. Taylor13Swift1000 says:

    I love Alli’s acccent! Out of everybody in the family, hers is the
    strongest.. if that made any sense? Haha

  3. Jennifer197477 says:

    i agree that cody is hot he so cute ;) <333333333333 i have exactly 55
    posters of cody simpson and i printed 30 more so i hav 85 posters and
    pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and BTW i love cody simpson !!!!!!<3

  4. Maisie Elliott says:

    Yes, she is

  5. kokyalord says:

    lmfao i love your shirt haha

  6. Kendall Kelly says:

    Hahaha i was watching it and the so random! with cody in it came on and it
    was the singing part! quiwinedence? i think not :)

  7. emilymorgan1232 says:

    ohh emm gee ! he is sooo hot <33 who agrees?

  8. Alloy Digital says:

    She sure is!

  9. sassy61899 says:

    Omg it funny cuz it’s just me n my sister. I’m the oldest & my Favorite ice
    cream is vanilla!!

  10. demi xo says:

    @PeetaLover101 you could stil kiss him but not like a romantic one, but
    youknow hahahaha, but you’re right lol ;)

  11. covergirlz143 says:

    who was that behind cody with brown hair was it colin ford?

  12. Supernova9890 says:

    Ali is ugly. Cody has no balls.

  13. יוסף סוונך says:

    man hey grow up a lot

  14. Chloe Wright says:

    he is the hottest boy iv evea seen!!! xxx

  15. cortesbeverly123 says:

    wait my eyes poped

  16. IsTiaHere says:

    Is Ryan beatty in the background at the start?

  17. Girly Seattle Hipster~! 〈3 says:

    Alli’s beautiful!!!! Cody’s hot!

  18. celeste calderwood says:

    is alli his sister?

  19. Amrit Khatkar says:

    ali can you reply? PLEASE! i need totalk to you bout somethin. please help
    an ussie from golcoast.

  20. Kylee Boals says:

    @jucykat642 Hey sorry i didnt mean to thumbs down i ment thumbs up sorry:(

  21. Isabella BB says:


  22. susan pereira says:

    Ali ia sooo preetty here

  23. Luna Williams says:

    hy alli i love those ice cream flavors 2 no joke

  24. cowboywoody100 says:

    @MrsWazzyWand why then you couldnt have a crush on him!!!! i’d just want to
    be alli’s friend…

  25. Milkypalace says:

    @PainOfLov3 It’s just the light, normally it’s like hazel :)

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