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50 Responses to CUTE SHOES

  1. musicallyinclined97 says:

    It’s just a box, not really a big deal. If the Legos were damaged it would
    be a different story. I understand that collectors want everything to be in
    good condition though.

  2. Tony Thatcher says:

    the shoes are so cute

  3. akarene says:

    i dont think i could ever live in FL…. firstly there is those
    SINKHOLES!!! and then the daily rain lol….

  4. DragonFighter1133 says:

    Love chelsea’s shoes to cute

  5. donnieswife89 says:


  6. reece felton says:

    it dont matter about the box really

  7. Pam Carballoca says:

    I just love the way companies or people package things there either crammed
    in the box like you got or Amazon is famous for this is HUGE box with one
    small item in it part of the shipping charge is the SIZE is the box…I
    have a friend that her baby had 21 pairs of shoes when she was like 6
    months old and of course didn’t walk yet…that baby is now 28 soon to be

  8. JennyTheSpazz says:

    Thank you I’m feeling much better and got all caught up.

  9. HeyThatsMike says:

    Hope you are better!

  10. wetsitfamily3 says:

    I am always so jealous of your super clean kitchen and house. Lol

  11. Crazy Apple says:

    Holy Smoke That Baby Chair Is Huge

  12. Danny Danny says:

    The Apocalypse is coming!

  13. HeyThatsMike says:

    thanks we think so too!

  14. Guineapighelper077 says:

    Was there a tornado

  15. BeautyyFanatic says:

    Are ye going to have anymore kids or is this your last? sorry if its too

  16. HeyThatsMike says:

    Haha, she doesn’t for some reason!

  17. HeyThatsMike says:


  18. HeyThatsMike says:

    Holly would love the hear that!

  19. TheBigFive says:


  20. JennyTheSpazz says:

    I missed three days from Gall Bladder surgery so I must catch up!

  21. Tony Thatcher says:

    chesla needs to grow some hair lol

  22. JohnnyTalksToys says:

    Subscribe too my channel for Autism Awareness month

  23. RandomFamilyVids says:

    I love your videos…I needed to really smile neighborhood got
    hit by a tornado last night…we are in missouri so you probably heard the
    stories on cnn..but we are thankful that we have our lives and our house
    has no damage…but 20 minutes away are neighbors have not been fortunate

  24. Devinkarina Blanton says:

    Holly :) those are cute shoes :) I always look forward to watching your
    videos :) xo karina

  25. HeyThatsMike says:


  26. Mammie Barry says:

    Those shorts are really cute but I have jeans like those for a fraction of
    the price and they are more acid wash in the back

  27. popatot100 says:

    Lol first 3 second you don’t need sound to know she’s saying “so so cute!”

  28. AnaLaBoricua787 says:

    Girl you bad :) I love your videos!

  29. Damaris Jaee says:

    What’s your career ?

  30. ariana anzaldua says:

    I rag u for the accent tag

  31. LyricsCount says:

    Hair tutorial !?

  32. onediretionfan1 says:

    I have those shorts!,

  33. Linsey Victoria says:

    love love love your hair!!!!!! x

  34. KathleenLisbeth says:

    How did you do your hair like that?

  35. thedonut214 says:

    can you do a video over how you did your hair? pleeeeease.

  36. Nickey Martinez says:

    Nitra those blue bikini panties you have I bought them a while back in hot
    pink, I like your blues ones too girl! XO

  37. Aracely Medrano says:

    Girl You Just Spent Like Almost 400 Dollars… Well, From What I Was Able
    To Add Up At Least. You’re Super Gorg And I Love All Your Vids! You Gotta
    Do A Tutorial On That Hair, It’s Amazeeee!

  38. cate jea says:

    Good video !!!!! What do you do for a living ?

  39. jenni heels says:

    Those shorts with heels=One hot look.

  40. keke berg says:

    are you gonna do a fall haul?

  41. Andrea Velez says:

    omg its my first time watching you and I’m in love with your personality!

  42. Ricky Ibrahim says:

    I Love Your Hairstyle What hair isit and how often do you change ur
    hairstyless x

  43. monicatubesalot says:

    I love your Youtube video’s. They really brighten up my day & I love your
    curly hair in this vid. :)

  44. Monalisa94ful says:

    OMg i loooove your videos, im sooo glad i came aross them! you are
    absolutely adorable :) i love how energetic and funny you are. i look
    forward to watching more of your videos they neeever get old :)

  45. blahnlahkiara says:

    since when are thongs inappropriate ? lol the only thing i wear are thongs

  46. mia c says:

    the skirt from forever 21 ans the american flag shorts are what ive been
    looking for, Thanks for this cause now i know where to buy them!

  47. elena hernandez says:

    /watch?v=cjZyz0nwczA watch this video if u like kim kardashian and purple

  48. Barestudybabe12 says:

    Your personality is so cute and bubbly! btw i just made a new channel so if
    you guys have time please check it out! I am sixteen years old and I love
    everything that has something to do with fashion and beauty! On my channel
    i’m gonna be doing fashion videos, makeup-, hair- and nail tutorials, tags
    AND A LOT MORE! thanks :)x

  49. MsJdennis12 says:

    Girl, I have that headband. Hahaha

  50. shoesforcollege says:


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