Cute Shoes for Big Feet [Size 10+]

SUBSCRIBE:::.. All shoes are size 11. I am 5’7 more details here: Check out JustFab shoes here: Sign…
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25 Responses to Cute Shoes for Big Feet [Size 10+]

  1. King Kaeley says:

    5’7.5 with size 11-12 :””( i am so mad atm because the cutest shoes are
    not in my size FMLLLLLLL

  2. Andromeda531 says:

    I’m 5’5 with size 7 feet !!! Thanks for making this video, such variety <3 

  3. The KG Lifestyle says:

    Yessss, loved it! :)

  4. glamazini says:

    LOL @ the wall slide. Yes chile! I’m size 12.5-13.,, Payless, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are the reasons I own
    shoes at all. 

  5. ❤Samore Love TV❤ says:

    I’m sorry but the intro had me dying over here. You got some cute shoes my
    dear! Xoxo ;-)

  6. LaTanya Martin says:

    You guys should try Charlotte Russe online! I do and they have up to 11

  7. StyleLivesWithinMe says:

    I’m in the somewhere in the middle [size 8], but when I see extremely cute
    shoes they’re always a size 6 :( So I feel your pain!!

  8. Jessica Rae says:

    Aldo makes cute shoes in larger sizes as well. And they always have sales.
    I am a 9-9 1/2 depending on the cut and I have a hard time finding cute
    stuff. And then if they do have a size 10 it is always too big!!! The
    struggle is real in the battlefield! 

  9. Jouelzy says:

    Tips on Finding Cute Shoes for Big Feet (Size 10+)
    @JustFabOnline @TargetStyle

    Yes, I’m 5’7 & wear an 11. It sucks, but here’s to making the best of it.
    More tips here:

  10. Giselle Washington says:

    Ughhh jouelzy its like you understand my pain!!! Anything 9 & up..forget
    about it (in my italian voice), also ladies check out Morgan Taylor, she
    wears a 9-10 and just posted a shoe haul so you’ll know how the shoes will
    look on you, and check out socialitesande, she wears a 10 aswell, hope
    jouelzy dont mind me talking about other ppls channels, mean no harm, i
    pwomise ^_^

  11. Sincerelyy Eccentric says:

    I wear a size 14, the struggle be so real. i shop at BAREFOOTTESS.COM

  12. Regal Fro says:

    Great options for women with a shoe size 10+. I don’t have the same
    struggle but I know some who do. Also I loved video editing. 

  13. Lanie LuvsBeauty says:

    Y’all ladies are super lucky. I wish I could wear a size 10 or 11 (I’m a
    13). Thankfully having big feet isn’t so shameful anymore. Companies are
    realizing not all women have small feet and making great shoes for us.
    Great Vid!

  14. delise williams says:

    Loved it! I have fat flat feet. Size 10 wide. Plus, I think one is bigger
    than the other.

  15. ILoveStemi says:

    I’m 5’4 with size 10 feet. Unfortunately, I take after my father in the big
    feet (and big hands) department. I’ve been a size 10 since I was 11 years
    old and I was about 5’1 back then. Oh, the bullying! The boy sneakers! The
    locking myself in my room and crying because other girls my age had cute
    little size 5 feet! Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Thank you so
    much for uploading this video. Nice shoes (especially heels) are hard to
    find in larger sizes. #thestruggle 

  16. Lexy Michele says:

    Size 12 over here! Sometimes finding shoes feels impossible. Thanks for
    this video girl!

  17. GogoPandamonium says:

    Jouelzy, let me tell you something real quick,
    If I didn’t love you then, I sure love you now!
    Not completely sure why knowing you have big feet too is so comforting to
    me, but thank you for this video ^^

  18. Number1ArmyDiva says:

    How comfortable are the shoes? I’m a 10 1/2 so I fully understand the
    struggle. But once you find a cute shoe that is your size, they are rarely
    comfortable. Is comfort and style too much to ask for. 

  19. wildberryskittle says:

    How is the quality / comfort of the shoes from just fab? 

  20. Lilly Violets says:

    Even tho I’m a 8 or 8.5 overall great message of the video. Very cute shoes

  21. Sanya W says:

    Thanks for this video Jouelzy! It can be a bit discouraging finding
    attractive shoes at size 10 while shopping. Now I know where to go so I can
    have cute shoes too! Thanks Jouelzy!

  22. Ka H says:

    I’m 5″4 and wear a size 11. I know the struggle. Lol loved this video.
    Heels aren’t my thing but yours were cute.

  23. Torrian Timms says:

    Excellent video!!! also look into, they go up to size 11
    and 12 (UK 9, 10) and they also carry wide withs.

    Sincerely a 6 footer with size 11 feet :-) 

  24. Shaquille Walker says:

    Hey!!! I’m part of the one one club too!!

  25. Tiffany Gills says:

    Love the video editing! Hey big feet fam! I wear 11w-12w and Type 4c hair.
    Can I say #triplethestruggle? I already got big feet they gotta be wide
    too?! Lol. Thanks for the tips! has cute shoes also I order from
    then all the time! 

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