DIY Cute Cloud Shoes : Fashion Tutorial

DIY Cute Cloud Shoes : Fashion Tutorial

DIY Fashion Inspiration/Fashion Tutorial : Hi Fluffies! We are going to make a pair of cute cloud shoes. You will need old shoes to complete this DIY shoe pr…

I am both baffled and impressed. Other places to find me:
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50 Responses to DIY Cute Cloud Shoes : Fashion Tutorial

  1. RaelDanger says:

    I don’t get why you glued the clouds on upside down, I would have glued
    them on the other way myself 

  2. Jennifer Vega says:

    These are aborable, I’m so trying this ≧﹏≦

  3. OMGitsilo Minecraft says:

    You are soo cute i love you tooo!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  4. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    ohhh i can :D You mean sewing a skirt from scratch? We should try:D..huggs!

  5. imsoawthsome says:

    You put them on backwards

  6. sweetkimmy90 says:

    You are so freaking pretty! I am jealous!

  7. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    yaaaaaaaaay!! HUGSS love chu more girl!

  8. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    Thank you and yep it was intended :D Would rather I look at their cute
    faces instead of someone else walking towards me on the street :D Because
    they might just walk into a pole looking on my little cloudies^^. HUGS^^

  9. CraftyBowtie says:

    This is soo cute! I love the bow! <3

  10. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    sure will !! HUGS! I bet you have even better ideas than I do :D

  11. B4Astudios says:

    the bow is just adorable!!! lovely as usual babe!

  12. Garnet Seren says:

    So cute, think the little cloud would make a great cute headband/hair clip
    like the star one you made :)

  13. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    thank you HUGS

  14. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    thank you baby cakes! big HUGS

  15. TheCraftingStrawberry says:

    lol sounds like something I would do :P

  16. faboulasjoelle says:

    Amazing. That’s all I have to say <3 So adorable!! :D :D

  17. María Axel says:

    you are so creative!!!^^ greetings from México!!!

  18. Franz Nicole S. Roan says:

    WOW! CUTE!

  19. kuroshi ♡ says:

    awwwww its more than adorable~ idk where did u get those ideas! but give
    em’ to me!! such a kawaii idea~ more and moreeeee pls aiko

  20. chicameowr says:

    SUPER cute!! But I would have an accident wearing these cause I would
    constantly be looking down at the cute clouds while walking into the wall!

  21. CraftsByAle says:

    omg that is too cute! i love it so much, like always :D

  22. María Axel says:

    thank you Aiko!! yes I’m the girl of my avatar! guess what? i made the
    jelly kawaii ^^ and i wanna do another one!

  23. HapyFriendsShoppe : Lookbooks, DIY Fashion & Kawaii Plushie Tutorials says:

    thank you! Hugs <3

  24. Ria Manghani says:

    OMG that is soo adorable I love it sooo much. ur viedos make me soo hapy

  25. kawaiicime says:

    I love your tutorials, you are so sweet and creative :)

  26. RealSpaceModels says:

    Maybe she was able to track them with some fancy iPhone or Google app.
    Google Earth/shoes?

  27. mojonacho says:

    In following with the cliche, and being a boy, I’ll say… uh… shoes? -J

  28. kyandeiai says:

    this made my day!

  29. Chris Sanders says:

    I wonder if she can see my shoes from here.. 0_0

  30. Tina Avile says:

    now you got us curious about said shoes…

  31. Nanpa0 says:

    What about the shoes? I want to see those shoes now.

  32. ShakespearesChin says:

    And that leaves me wanting to see the shoes in question! Odd to shout
    compliments like that at people though.. they must be most impressive…
    are they illuminated with flashing lED’s ;)

  33. Butter Shovel says:

    @gemllama Tells the security guards she likes their shoes- On the phone.
    Tells the banker she likes their shoes- From in front of the desk. Tells
    all the customers she likes their shoes- At the same time. Casually sneaks
    into bank vault. Tells the money she likes it shoes, thereby encouraging it
    to sneak into her purse. Leaves. Yup, it could be done.

  34. richroc71 says:


  35. gemllama says:

    @axertian Probably by distracting and confusing everyone.

  36. gemllama says:

    @PaigrRoo Sounds like a useful superpower to have, actually.

  37. rggast says:

    Do you watch other vloggers (Shaycarl, Smosh, Toby, CTFxC, Katers17 etc..),
    if so, who are you subscribed to?

  38. CassesVultus says:

    Maybe it’s not a power, maybe it’s a curse. Some OCD induced compulsion to
    compliment everyone she sees on their shoes.

  39. alyiswriting says:

    Can we see the shoes? Maybe you can stand really far back from the camera
    and show them to us, so we can judge them in a similar way.

  40. MrHellothereiamhere says:

    I complemented my Italian friend’s shoes one time, he told me if I ever
    said that in Italy they would think I’m very dumb and superficial… that
    always stuck with me and I thought about it for a very long time, now I
    rarely give complements about peoples shoes, unless they are truly
    amazing… and I would like to see your shoes lol

  41. gemllama says:

    @richroc71 Sounds delicious!

  42. Christian S says:

    hillarious lol

  43. Christopher Merritt says:

    The shoe sniper.

  44. Butter Shovel says:

    Unfortunately, that woman later used her shoe-spotting powers to rob a
    national bank…somehow.

  45. Kratarch says:

    My theory is that “I like your shoes” was in fact secret spy code. She
    confused you with the spy she was supposed to rendezvous with, who was at
    the time stuck in traffic.

  46. Nanpa0 says:

    It’s universally know that women have super powers, have you seen them
    driving in mornings, they driving forward looking at the rear view mirror
    putting on make up and stuff. Among other things

  47. Paige Goodwin says:

    and now I’m curious what the shoes look like. Also I’m wondering how you
    could use a cute-shoe-spotting superpower for good. Or for evil for that
    matter… I suppose she could be known as Confidence Booster Woman! Saving
    the world one compliment at a time!

  48. gemllama says:

    @Kratarch Dang! I wish I had known the appropriate response. Maybe I would
    have found myself in the middle of a high-stakes adventure…

  49. Gameboygenius says:

    I love shoes. Especially on a snowy day.

  50. Samar Kargbo says:

    I see where you’re coming from, but I’m expected to because I’m a guy.
    Nothing special here. In honor of you shedding the shackles of oppressive
    female culture that demands you to take an interest in the history of
    shoes, I feel like I should start appreciating shoes and recognizing
    anything more than Converse All-Stars (which I think are the greatest shoes
    of all time). Ya know, so I can be a trailblazer. Like you. ~Samar

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