DIY How To Bedazzle / Bejwel / Bling your Shoes ✿ DIY Customize Your Shoes Tutorial ✿ Cute Shoes

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I’m prepping for Independence Day! This is a must have accessory to your outfit this year! For more information you can go to

46 Responses to DIY How To Bedazzle / Bejwel / Bling your Shoes ✿ DIY Customize Your Shoes Tutorial ✿ Cute Shoes

  1. Kimmy BOUTIKI says:

    Hi Erika, I have only worn these shoes a few times and have not lost any
    stones. I also didnt seal the stnes with anything, the e6000 glue is pretty
    strong. These shoes have mainly become art work to me that i keep on

  2. Kimmy BOUTIKI says:

    Hi Lucy, It was E6000 Glue. I added a link in the description box ;-)

  3. Kimmy BOUTIKI says:

    @Jahnathan I added the information and link to the Ebay seller I buy all my
    stones from. I hope this helps you :-)

  4. Erika Kutsinska says:

    Hello Kimmy Boutiki,
    can I just say amazing job on the shoes! Genius idea and you make it look
    so easy

  5. TraciandIsaiah Edwards says:

    If you dont want spaces on the areas where you “bling” your shoes then, you
    have to measure the area, I found a chart online that tells you how many
    stones fit per inch. 4mm = 6 stones per inch. 5mm= 5stones per inch. HTH
    helps someone

  6. mercedes rodriguez says:

    Absolutely beautiful…

  7. Jenilee Steigerwald says:

    where did you get your gems?
    now I want to “bedazzle” everything lol!

  8. PrettyDimples says:

    Did you use the Crystal colored rhinestones?

  9. Married2KDK says:

    Thanks for this tutorial! I’m making my shoes this weekend and will be sure
    to mention your tutorial when I record the video.

  10. Ashley Cannone says:

    Would this technique work with different types of fabric shoes? 

  11. Lucy James says:

    Which glue did you use? :)

  12. jujub428 says:

    Were did you get you gems at? 

  13. Annamarie Oconnor says:

    How many stones was used altogether roughly on both heels and did you buy
    in bulk if so how much was it please 

  14. the originals says:

    how many rhinestones did you use? 2 gross? 10?

  15. Jahnathan White says:

    What type of stones did you use?

  16. May C says:

    How long did this take you?

  17. Style& Smile says:

    Ok thanks so Acrylic stones are they the same? If not what’s the
    difference? Please help trying to order for my wedding shoe.Thanks in
    advance hun

  18. cutiemisbehavin1 says:

    Thank you for doing this your tutorial is one of the best I have seen
    because you actually allow us to see how you put the stones on.

  19. sds745 says:

    Too cute!!!!

  20. Style& Smile says:

    What kind of stones are those..Pretty shoe Great job

  21. LilmissK says:

    Omg!! I love it. Thank you!!

  22. Erica Owens says:

    I love this so much. 

  23. Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

    I have always loved your painted shoes, Jenny! You have such talent! Miss

  24. BambaBooty says:

    This is so cute! But won’t the acrylic wash off if it gets wet?

  25. jemharris says:

    So cute! I’m doing this for Canada’s day!!!

  26. PastaPot10 says:

    Where did you buy the shoes?

  27. Show Me Cute says:
  28. sana khan says:

    This is cute but flag is a symbol of national pride why everyone wants to
    wear their prides on the feets . We can wear it on t-shirts etc but y

  29. Peyton Jordan says:

    Why doesn’t Trevor have his own channel?

  30. Emma Egbert says:

    Where do you get those shoes?? I really want to do this!!!

  31. Akshaya Kannan says:

    13th comment :) not that happy :(

  32. Kristen Prewitt says:

    Tip for the cameraman: While jenny is working keep the camera on the
    project and dont move the camera on her or anything else cuz we cant see
    what shes doing ! This is not just this video either ive noticed it alot,
    and this is not to be mean i love this show im just saying

  33. Sarah Fermin says:

    Cute D.I.Y

  34. Bobbie Harrison says:

    Really cute idea. The acrylic paint won’t wash off if you iron it first, so
    maybe heat drying will keep it on? I know I have ironed on like clothing
    and it lasts forever. TFS…Bobbie

  35. Valentinea Blonde says:

    Wow! Im doin this! And its also soo gud to wear casually! I luv it

  36. Marissa Vega says:

    How long does this actually take? Because i am NOT a patient person

  37. okii773 says:

    Make a shirt , you already have some shorts for it.
    Ten youll have a whole flag outfit or a jean vest

  38. Little Miss Jenna says:

    cute idea Jenny! I also really liked the different music in this video;)

  39. GlitterGirl C says:

    These are adorable!!! Thanks so much for the awesome idea Jenny!

  40. Gabby Vasquez says:

    love it im so doing this for 4th of july

  41. Jordyn Kirsten says:

    I know your American but can u please do something canadian for Canada day?

  42. vgfigue says:

    where did you get your big round ring at? it’s beautiful!

  43. StEf ToUcH says:

    I have to ask… Where did you get that silver ring that looks like it’s
    multiple rings together? I love it!! Love the shoes!! 

  44. Sarah B says:

    Love them! Do you have any ideas for Canadian flag shoes?!?!

  45. Hop in to fashion says:

    Thank u
    Where can u get the stencils

  46. Kierra Ogden says:

    Can you do a canada flag one like that please

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