DIY X-MEN MAGNETO walking upside down with magnetic shoes

Magnetic shoes, something it seems only nasa has done before me. Not even Ian McKellen used real ones in the X-Men films. I may not be controling metal with …

25 Responses to DIY X-MEN MAGNETO walking upside down with magnetic shoes

  1. colinfurze says:

    The nearest any human can come to having a CONNECTION with metal

  2. colinfurze says:

    ladys you ain’t got these shoes

  3. Troy Adams says:

    If you haven’t already, you should combine all of your X-Men creations into
    one suit.

  4. YouTube says:

    You can tell a lot about a man by the magnetism of his shoes. 

  5. khisanth75 says:

    Over enthusiastic, tone it down a bit !

  6. thesteelerfan1973 says:

    u need a gf…… but still cool.

  7. Jonathan Murphy says:

    This is dumb

  8. Tech Ticking says:

    The Real Life X-Men :D ! , walking upside down with magnetic shoes

  9. Ballers says:

    Absolutely mental but very awesome Colin! Great work!

  10. Aaron Kasten says:

    *Magnet Shoes!*
    I just want to be this guys friend. 

  11. Adafruit Industries says:

    DIY X-MEN MAGNETO walking upside down with magnetic shoes

  12. Glefferson Vinícius de Lima says:
  13. BoxxyFan says:

    He’s not walking in the ceiling. He’s walking on a metal strip.

  14. wise wolf says:

    Опять этот безумный чел сделал безумную херю.
    чувак крут)))

  15. Paul Dixon says:

    Colin Furze, who made the awesome automatic Wolverine claws, has also built
    a pair of *magnetic shoes* in honour of Magneto

    #magneto #xmen 

  16. Karim Yaghmour says:

    Where is the kickstarter campaign?

    CC +Behan Webster 

  17. warmowed says:

    Truly a mad scientist, madly awesome!

  18. Stacey Cavanagh MacNaught says:

    This guy is a genius. And a bit mental too. DIY X-MEN MAGNETO walking
    upside down with magnetic shoes

  19. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Professor X wishes Magneto would use these so his helmet could fall off.

  20. Banjojo says:

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like a mad scientist.

  21. DAT BRONY STAN says:

    i wonder when the military starts to ask you for gear

  22. Michel Wilhelm says:

    Freak and awesome! o/

  23. Jim Sm says:

    do you can stand on a wall?

  24. DerkleineTrojaner says:

    coolest guy on earth =)

  25. Grobstollen AsphaltHunter says:

    Hey Colin,
    I saw you on Joko vs Klaas ! :)

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