DIY/How to: Oxford Shoes

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey guys ~ This is my first official video on this channel. This video shows how i repurposed these shoes that i bought for my formal into various different …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 Responses to DIY/How to: Oxford Shoes

  1. Kat Monsterland says:

    By any chance did you find this song in the Korean drama playful kiss ?!?
    Cuz it’s amazing !

  2. tharrannee ngin says:

    Omo! Do u listen to kpop?!

  3. Diana Cortes says:

    Te quedaron hermosos! <3

  4. Ely Deveza says:

    Cute! What kind paint did you use? :))

  5. Nisa Dania says:

    Wooo~ my fv song

  6. Akimoto Taiki says:

    Next time you use text try to put a black outline around the white text,
    it’ll show up on ANY color :)

  7. Maya Emile says:

    So cute =) But, where did you buy your brushes??

  8. ggrace88 says:

    love the shoes! I almost fell asleep to this video… xc

  9. Kai Ammari says:

    Where’d you get your sneakers

  10. Káteri Samantha says:

    cute shoes!

  11. Erial Wilson says:

    I love this !!!

  12. Fabienne van den Steen says:

    What is it that you put the blue dots?

  13. LAKEYA EASON says:

    I love this, would you consider making some for sale I would like to
    purchase a few pair

  14. 남김영진 says:

    your korean??or k pop fan???;))

  15. Catherine Ford says:

    Do you have to do it with nude on black for it to look good?

  16. Bryanna G. says:

    Good Morning Everyone!! hope your having a good start of your day!! or
    evening depending where you live :-D Look what i found!! cant wait to try

  17. ohheytharchristine says:

    You can get it at Michaels or your local craft store!

  18. Alyssa Martinez says:

    wow these are really good (:

  19. ohheytharchristine says:

    Glad to hear! Thank you so much!

  20. ohheytharchristine says:

    Gaah! Thank you so much! *O*

  21. ohheytharchristine says:


  22. ohheytharchristine says:


  23. Anonymous Girl says:

    Oh and what paint were you using for this DIY? :)

  24. fathallah rakia says:

    Great vedio ! you are really talented :) Very good !! let see mora ! <3

  25. fashionbambini says:

    Love this video Alex!!! 

  26. Tereza Zubková says:

    ure so cute xox

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