Double triviality: Ashton Kutcher for Wrigley's Extra

Double triviality: Ashton Kutcher for Wrigley's Extra
It seems like 2015 doesn't bring any fresh ideas to some marketing and advertising specialists. This January we see the same trivial ad scenarios promoting trivial products like chewing gum. A handsome male celebrity, plus a pinch of insincere passion …

Digital Storytellers: How One Production Company Is Working To Build A
… client Adidas called Fast or Fail featuring soccer star Lionel Messi and the "7 Days of Rain" test for SMFB Oslo that has an urbanite being followed around by a manmade rain cloud for a week to show how well his water-resistant Geox shoes stand up …
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Tom and His Cloud Proves Geox Can Be Trusted
It's been a year since footwear Geox, recognizing the fact that we are living in times when the word itself isn't enough, presented an award winning campaign based on their willingness to disprove all of our potential doubts. In order to promote the …
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