[EN] Shoe/Choux Pastry Recipe

[EN] Shoe/Choux Pastry Recipe

Full recipe of the choux pastry, the basic of simple puffs, chouquettes, éclairs and also Paris Brest, st honore, salombo and much more. All the tips to make…
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8 Responses to [EN] Shoe/Choux Pastry Recipe

  1. assia says:

    Mes choux son inratable pr la 1 ere fois. Merciiiiiii. Mais je me demande
    si je peux les congeler ???

  2. imacdiva says:

    @loki71183 c’est “centiliter” ;-)

  3. Inratable says:

    @loki71183 Yeah I know sorry, CENTILITERS

  4. AeroDoe says:

    Does drying in the oven with the door ajar replace the need to pierce the
    pastry after it comes out of the oven? Also, we call it “choux” dough in
    English, just like you.

  5. Felipe Castillo says:

    hello.. i tried this recipe but eclairs dont come up at all they look flat
    and very thin … what´s the temperature for the oven??

  6. Paula Resende says:

    Thank you for doing this in English. I love your videos!

  7. mrusali says:

    Can you show more in English for the other french pastries (mousse cake,
    puff pastry)? Love your instructions. they are very clear and perfect. I’ve
    tried both this and the macarons and both came out perfect. thanks

  8. onimolomino says:

    thanks for all the tricks and detailed explanations !

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