Espadrilles: Cute, Classy, And Comfortable Footwear

Espadrilles: Cute, Classy, And Comfortable Footwear
Summertime is the perfect time for wearing espadrilles. It is a cool and comfortable pair of shoes that is now worn at casual and semi-formal occasions alike. You can wear them with casual dresses or some raggedy outfit. It is essentially a French word. The sole of the shoes are mainly made of Jute, which is a green and soft plant. Through a process it is spun into strong threads and the shoes are made. There are different colours, designs available in these shoes from, which you can choose to buy from the leading shoe stores. These shoes are made for both men and women. It is stylish, comfortable and durable footwear.

The sole of the shoes are soft and very delicate. If you do not use it properly then it can get soggy. If you want to maintain the look of the shoes then it is required that you clean the shoes regularly. You must use the right equipments for cleaning otherwise you may end up damaging the shoes. Use your hands when you are cleaning your espadrilles. You should not put them in a washing machine as that might harm your shoes.

You may consider of using an old toothbrush that has very soft bristles. Do not get the entire sole wet because that would make it extremely difficult for you to get it dry. The soles might start sagging if it gets completely wet. Do not scrub vigorously as that might make the colour fade. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth when you are cleaning it. After cleaning, hang it for drying.

There are different types of espadrilles that can be worn that include the flat conventional ones, the heeled wedge ones and the high heeled. The flat ones are very comfortable and can be worn with anything you like. It has a maximum of 1-2 inch sole. The wedge heel ones have an elevated sole, which is stylish and trendy and goes well with summer dresses and short skirts and shorts. However, the high heeled ones are designed in a way that can be worn by all women. It is made of jute and other materials like wood and rubber. It is light weight and you can team it up with jeans and a nice top.

Espadrilles footwear has been around the footwear market since the 14th century and since then it gains in popularity. They are classy and cute and you can consider of wearing them on a dinner date or when you go at the beach with your friends. If you want to find the perfect pair for yourself then you can check out the Internet. There are many stores from where you can buy. The shoes are available in many unique designs and various sizes that would be suitable for you when you are making your purchase. Go ahead and make your purchase from an online shoe shop now.

Get a suitable pair of espadrilles from You will find that there are many styles and designs available in different sizes. Hence, finding a pair for yourself will be very easy.

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