Fall Fashion Haul: Clothes, Shoes, Hats & MORE!

Fall Fashion Haul: Clothes, Shoes, Hats & MORE!

LIKE this video if you looooove hauls & shopping as much as I do! I’m obsessed with fall fashion and I can’t wait to wear these things in NYC! Don’t forget t…
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25 Responses to Fall Fashion Haul: Clothes, Shoes, Hats & MORE!

  1. Brianna Renee says:

    So excited for the fall Lookbook Meg ❤️

    If there are small Youtubers out there reply to this so we can support each
    others channels ❤️

  2. dominikfilms says:

    Hello there,
    Believe in yourself! You are a beautiful and unique human person, and you
    can be who you want to be! Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t do
    something, remember that impossible is just a big word used by small men!
    Positive thinking evokes more initiative, more energy, more happiness :)

  3. Nashalivette Lopez says:

    Omg Meghan I had no idea about the whole Urban Outfitters
    Controversy….thanks for mentioning it. 

  4. JaaackJack says:

    Your hauls are my life <3 

  5. Katie Jones says:

    i love URBAN and i will never stop shopping there.. people are SO sensitive
    now a days… gosh life is beautiful AINT NO BODY GOT TIME for been mad at
    a store.. grow up people..

  6. essiebutton says:

    I went to Madewell for the first time last week and I am in love! 

  7. kray zay says:

    Are there any small youtubers that would like to support each others?

  8. ChloeCosmetics says:

    Im looking for more smaller youtubers to watch comment down below so we can
    be friends<3

  9. BeautyBySarah says:

    Are there any small youtubers out there who would like to support each
    other?? :)

  10. Jay Park says:

    so bootiful!

  11. BellezzaBeauty03 says:

    I don’t mean to be annoying, but I am really looking for some Y O U T U B E
    FRIENDS!! :-)

    Sub me and I’ll instantly sub back!!!

  12. Maddi Daub says:

    To those beauty gurus out there please check out my beauty channel!! ❤️
    reply to this and I’ll check urs out!

  13. ♥BeautifulMommy♥ says:

    So Gossip Girl? I don’t get it, I guess. I wore a high waisted pleated
    leather skirt today and someone told me I reminded them of someone off
    Gossip Girl. I guess I need to see the show.

  14. claireglossy says:

    Anyone wanna do a collab? I’m just starting out on youtube?

  15. futurevet2022 says:

    There was a controversy with Zara, they made a shirt that resembled what
    Jews wore in the holocaust, claiming it was a “sheriffs outfit”…. Yet you
    still buy from Zara 

  16. prep sonya says:

    This urban outfitters thing has been going on for awhile and I’m glad
    Youtubers are finally jumping on the band wagon instead of hauling clothes
    from those stores! Sophia Bush one of my fav celebs also did a story on
    urban outfitters :) 

  17. jessiiccca says:

    I am seriously in love with the black hat- I need it in my life!! Does
    anyone know what it was called because I looked all over the Threadsence
    website and the only one I found that looked similar to the one Meghan has
    was $98 and I have a hard time believing a money savvy girl like her would
    spend that much on a hat! Thanks so much :)))

  18. casey johnson says:

    your gorg! i love your makeup 

  19. Lisa Wu says:

    Please make a video on the makeup look!! You look super gorgeous here. 

  20. ItsInes09 says:

    Yas! I love hauls! You are one of my fave youtubers! You inspired me to
    start my own channel! And you are gorgeous! What nail polish are you

  21. Andrea Wong says:

    under the 301 club? i sub back lets be youtube buddies x

  22. potatochips324 says:

    Is Free People also a morally corrupt company? I know UO is whack but i
    didn’t know FP has some controversial views?

  23. daniya good says:

    did she break up with her bf??? ANSWER BACK

  24. Amanda Agustin says:

    she and “whats his name” broke up?

  25. Liv McLeod says:

    You are now my favourite youtuber! I absolutely love how you talk about
    everything, you’re hilarious! You really brighten my day, I recently
    watched your depression video, you’re not alone at all, I’ve been through
    quite a similar point in life and am still going through it, you’ll pull
    through, chin up :) xx 

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