Funny Cats in Shoes – Cats Wearing Boots in First TIme Compilation 2014

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

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27 Responses to Funny Cats in Shoes – Cats Wearing Boots in First TIme Compilation 2014

  1. Anna-Emilia Aaltonen says:

    Cats don´t wear shoes or clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. GameGruffs says:

    what is the song name?

  3. CreepMietLP says:


  4. luffy dellali says:

    nike ctr 360 is best

  5. Calli NickTV says:

    Der Torwart bei den Schüssen vom Schuh adipower macht ja gar nichts :D

  6. JVan Burleson says:

    I had the same pair of Adipower I loved them, I would get thoes again today
    if I could

  7. Winergerg Medina says:

    Nike mercurial vapor 9 are the best cleats

  8. Nick Patterson says:

    Nike mercurial vapor 9 are the best soccer cleats 

  9. Juan Jacobo says:

    ctr 360 maestri III

  10. Jonathan McKinley says:

    His shots are amazing

  11. Mazen sayed says:

    nike mercuriral <3 it at all

  12. Brendan Kravchenko says:

    1:23 for Ronaldo’s favorite part.

  13. Daniel Alfaro says:

    Is there still a way to buy these?

  14. Murathan Dinc says:


  15. Zeidster says:

    “Open’s video..” “Skip’s to first cleat” “Goes to Adidas store and buys

  16. Zenon Jezierczak says:

    where is Coppa Mundial those are the best

  17. Murathan Dinc says:

    Ich meinte 01:23

  18. A10 says:

    The new Predators, blue and orange, I got the original ones for £125

  19. MaRIO ToDOROV says:


  20. Renzo Marko Olaer says:

    Hahahahaha -1 distance XD

  21. Murathan Dinc says:

    01:41 all fucking in your messi haha

  22. Austin Longwell says:

    really love my CTR360’s :)

  23. Michał Prokopowicz says:

    Nike t90 must be one !

  24. stonefox hernandez says:

    what song was dat?

  25. kattik kumar says:

    2.02 fking shot! nice job bro 

  26. alicia rocha says:

    Why aren’t you guys playing in a pro team

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