Geox Amphibiox New Waterproof Shoes Technology

Geox Amphibiox New Waterproof Shoes Technology

In essence, the waterproof and breathable membrane is fused with the upper material of the shoe preventing water being trapped and stagnating between layers …
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Meet Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and chairman of GEOX — Italy’s largest shoe making company and one of the world’s largest casual footwear brands. Forme…

8 Responses to Geox Amphibiox New Waterproof Shoes Technology

  1. Jan Melník says:

    I’m afraid this is just marketing bollocks. I have very expensive Geox
    Amphibox shoes and first rain means soaked feet :/ I will never fold for
    this scam again!!!

  2. bbikerguy1 says:

    That’s a different idea, but it may not be that great for motorcycling.. .

  3. Stamata Prizeis says:


  4. Michael Xie says:


  5. tanveer butt says:

    wonderfull video

  6. Andrew Jamrozik says:
  7. Yazmin Km says:

    Veramente fantastici geox shoes ♥♥ 

  8. balram singh yadav says:

    Value of saving IPR…nice to watch..

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