Geox Respira – Mens Shoe Review

A quick review. 1 year update: So it’s been a year and the shoes have been good. They don’t last that long, but you don’t need shoes that last that long eith…

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  1. CritterCallReviews says:

    Hi, I don’t have those shoes anymore, it’s been a while and they broke down
    quickly. It was basically a shoe size of US 10, I would say it’s pretty
    tight tho, I’d normally go with 10.5US or 11US. You should get 44 euro if
    you can, 43-1/2 will fit but it’s too snug. Also, make sure you don’t get
    the shoe with the seam in the middle of the sole, it’ll untape, there’s a
    model with a 1 piece sole, get that one. Cheers, David.

  2. xElementDubstep says:


  3. CritterCallReviews says:

    If you’re thinking of buying this shoe, make sure you get the ones without
    the seam there, it’ll come apart on you within days. Not sure why they did
    that, but it sucks. They have versions without it, make sure you get those

  4. Lavenderblue333 says:

    Hi.. I’m not sure if you have these shoes still (Geox), but I’m curious
    about the sizing. I noticed you have the 43 1/2 in the European size. Would
    you be so good as to to typify your size in the US standard? I generally
    take a 10 1/2-11, in a medium-narrow width. Would these fit me, do you
    think? Thanks..

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