GEOX – Scream Challenge with Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team

Just how far would you go for a pair of shoes? GEOX and Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Team teamed up to give ten competition winners a chance to win t…
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This is the GEOX Respira Loafer Shoes. A present from a relative. A comfortable pair of Italian made Loafers from the brand GEOX. Check it out! Comment, like…
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25 Responses to GEOX – Scream Challenge with Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team

  1. embed0000 says:

    does shouting ‘HELL FUCKING YEAH’ count as screaming?

  2. Omar Castellanos says:

    jajajaja that is a great idea! :D

  3. Zaid Ali says:

    wow this is so fake

  4. Omar Castellanos says:

    jajaja would you win this challenge? +Infiniti Red Bull Racing +GEOX 

  5. NICK TV says:

    Pause at 1:53….bitches O face

  6. Meeleen Solano says:

    1:41 Pobre Buemi. Jajajaja
    Igual se ve que el peor es Buemi (la chica que no se llevo ni uno iba con
    el) y Vettel a pesar que se reia parece ser mas dócil pues la que se llevo
    los 20 pares iba con el.

    Igual lo que daríamos muchas personas por estar en sus lugares y no
    gritaríamos del terror precisamente. :3

  7. Tiago Mazzilli says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:


  8. pablo cagliero says:

    bravissimi !

  9. HaloToday says:

    looks like one of the requirements to work at Red Bull is the ability to
    have some fun! Man sign me up!! Red Bull, if you’re interested I am
    willing to work weekends, nights, holidays and I am not afraid of super
    long days of hard work!!

  10. Desislava Balakchieva says:
  11. Gerd VdB says:

    Who says Vettel can’t wmile ? :D

    What car is that ???

  12. Ryan Kudebeh says:

    If giggling like a hyena on crack qualifies as screaming, I would lose this
    challenge so hard.

  13. Infiniti of Cincinnati says:

    Watch as 10 lucky winners try to not scream as they go around one lap with
    the #Infiniti #RedBull Racing team.

  14. vagabondbrat says:

    I’d be laughing like crazy, riding along with either of the drivers! But to
    see that gal spew was classic! I knew someone would! :)

  15. F1mistress says:

    1:19 Seb’s face, hahahah :D And girl at 1:27…. ;D

  16. mrradio554 says:

    This is easy for me if I was entered

  17. Валерий Горбатков says:
  18. says:

    *Participando para ganar 20 pares de zapatos, por cada grito pierden uno.*

    #Vettel #Curiosidades [Publicación Nº11 | 8/octubre]

  19. NLGamer236 says:


  20. Lyndsay Wallace says:

    I would be screaming even before I got in the motor !

  21. MrCalebsayshi says:

    thumbs up if top gear brought you here!

  22. Robert Fleas says:

    that would be a best team ever!! :)

  23. Martha Methom says:

    I simply love Geox shoes!! best choice in this category !! #geox 

  24. Charbel Gemayel says:

    1:20 seb’s face hahahahaha

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