Get The Latest Men’s Winter Fashion-Oxfords

Get The Latest Men’s Winter Fashion-Oxfords

Off the cuff shoe types designed for impression are oxfords. This variety of men’s shoes can be worn with a variety of different looks from casual to dressy. Whether you find yourself dressed in jeans or a business suit, you can complete the look with a pair of oxfords.

There are women’s oxfords on the market. Women’s forms of these shoes have a smooth toe compared with a man’s shoe having a more rigid toe with detail and design.

The definition is a shoe that laces and does not come higher than the ankle. There are more than several different designs of oxfords that are retailed for sale, wingtips, balmorals, cap toe oxfords, wingtips and saddle oxfords.

As the name may sound, the oxford originates from Britain. These shoes have been shown to go back as far as the seventeenth century. The original shoes were cut smaller than the wearers’ foot. This made the wearer walk with a wincingmanner and pace.  All of these shoes are similar in the patterns and cutouts on the shoe. Variations can be found in the soles of these shoes.

Through the years there have been variations to the original oxford design. Saddle shoes popular in the fifties are a variation to the original oxford. These are still used for some cheerleading squads and dance clubs.

Bluchers are oxfords found to be open laced shoes with the sides sewn back on the top of the shoe. Balmorals forms of the shoe are closed laced with adistinctive sewing pattern of the laces sewn beneath the front portion of the oxford with the laces sealed over the tongue. The appearance is a smooth shoe that looks to be a single leather piece.

With its popularity coming back, designers have expanded the varieties available in oxfords by introduction of new colors and designs. Along with the new colors and designs, changes have been made to variations of the heel, creating boots and wedges and believe it or not, open toe. The original oxfords were created in burgundy, dark brown and black. Oxfords are usually created in leather or suede. 

Washable oxfords have more elasticity adding durability. However, they don’t last as long as the no wash forms of these shoes. Kilties are types that have a leather tongue that has been fringed. The tongue is completely covering the instep, eyelets and laces. The most prevalent selection of oxfords is the wingtip. The wingtips are named so because the toe stitching reminds you of a bird’s wings being spread.

Oxfords have been seen in fashion shows and are being offered as one of the hottest footwear for men for this winter.

Most suggest that leather wears better and feels better than any man made materials. The most formal of these shoes is the Balmorals which are typically worn with tuxedoes. These are usually black, closed laced varieties.

Men’s shoe fashions do not change that often. However, oxfords have remained the “same” but changed to accommodate fashion needs.

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