Guide to Oxford Leather shoes


Outlines the three key reason’s why a modern gentleman needs to have a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. See if you can spot the [deliberate] mistake when …
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6 Responses to Guide to Oxford Leather shoes

  1. TheKez1998 says:

    Have to disagree about wearing oxford’s with casual clothes, it doesn’t
    look wright 

  2. Adolfo Peluffo says:

    what is the toe limit for oxford shoes??

  3. TempusBrevis says:

    Never thought I would watch a video about shoes, but you got me interested
    and now I want to get a pair of oxfords and a shoe tree!

  4. Devon Zubka says:

    how do you feel about Bostonian leather shoes?

  5. GreggGreggson says:


  6. Falcony100 says:

    Love Oxford shoe

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