– Puma Men’s Sports Shoes – Puma Men’s Sports Shoes Puma offers these attractiv…
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A guide to clean your spikes after a muddy cross country or track race. The steps used here can also be used with running shoes but obviously less harsh brus…

12 Responses to – Puma Men’s Sports Shoes

  1. HomeShop18.Com says:
  2. ali elzarif says:

    Did you wash them in the sink of the kitchen?????? !!!!!!!

  3. Shiny Shoes Tech says:

    not too hot and you should be fine :)

  4. TRUEgrat says:

    I dont got no shoes to wash

  5. xGOLD3NxG3ARx says:

    U did lol its alright i do it too

  6. 274thegamer says:

    Would it be a bad thing if i put em in the dryer?

  7. Sherry Mathew says:

    Don’t worry, you can wash our shoes…

  8. kamaster1011 says:

    I have regular running shoes and I used this video and it worked thanks ;D

  9. ryancarter9434 says:

    Or put em in the Washing machine

  10. Shiny Shoes Tech says:


  11. Shiny Shoes Tech says:

    you could but i’d rather they weren’t spun around the metal drum even at
    slow speeds :)

  12. ryancarter9434 says:

    @mrshinyshoes1 true, youd probably damage the spikes XD

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