How to Become a Pastry Chef

How to Become a Pastry Chef

If your sweet tooth tingles every time you pass by a bakery and your hands itch to bake a fresh pie then you can become a pastry chef. These chefs are regarded with envy by others in the culinary industry, as they are highly sought after.

How to become a pastry chef – Instructions

Step I: Before you jump into the profession of a professional pastry maker, you should better research about the job description and the job responsibilities of a you will have in this profession. A pastry chef’s duty is not only to bake cakes but also to take orders and manage supplies. To know more about pastry chef as a profession either read some books related to baking and cooking or research on the internet.

Step II: Choose a cooking school where you can learn the basics of Baking and Decorating and specialize in the same. You can review some of the top cooking schools either on the internet or on some well known magazine or book.

Step III: If you can’t join a proper culinary school, join cooking classes in your area on part-time basis. You can learn the fundamentals of this job in the classes and practice your skills at home. As it is said, “Practice makes perfect”, experiments will make you a much better pastry chef.

Step IV: Find out the training programs offered by several bakeries and restaurants. Experienced chefs would only consider taking a trainee who is willing to learn and doesn’t ask for too much monetary compensation. The head chef might consider your application of being a trainee under him if he finds you enthusiastic about the work. Whether you are appointed as a trainee or not completely depend on the head pastry chef.

Step V: If you want to expand your scope as a home-based pastry maker then you can join some specialization classes to learn more about cake decoration and candy making. These are the two most sought after fields as a home-based pastry chef. You can contact hobby stores in your area or find about the same on the internet.

Step VI: Keep yourself updated with the new trends and changes taking place in the industry by reading latest books or periodicals. It is very important to know about the latest demands and trends going on in the culinary arts. Once certified and well trained, you can take up a job in any of the well known restaurants or bakeries and unleash your desire of baking cakes.

These were few steps to show you how to become a pastry chef. So, if you are fond of baking cakes, then this career just might be the right choice for you.

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