How to Care For Hiking Boots and Shoes

Shop hiking boots and shoes at Backcountry Edge: This video discusses methods and information on how to maint…
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  1. Russ Stevens says:

    Thanks for the great, video.

  2. Jacob Holgate says:

    Had a pair of Vasque Sundowners (all leather) and took immaculate care of
    them for a long time (with the Nikwax as shown in the video.) Hiked all
    over the place in Oregon and SW Wash. Then for awhile, not so much. Then I
    started taking better care of them again. Then they fell apart (sole
    separation.) Took them to a shoe repair shop and they were literally fixed
    good as new. Except that I think they were too far gone by that point. Even
    though I treated them well, they still fell apart again. Moral of the
    story: Treat your boots well and they will treat you well. I bought those
    boots sometime in like ’98 or ’99 and they’re getting their proper burial
    now in 2014. Good boots are built to last.

    A comment about her jacket: It looks like it’s probably synthetic, though
    that doesn’t really matter. I have a Solomon insulation-layer jacket that I
    absolutely love. I have a three-layer system when it comes to outerwear:
    Hard shell Gortex outer layer (something that’s light and water-proof, with
    a hood. I have a North Face jacket) Insulation-layer jacket (non-hooded,
    something that is insulated, hence the name and will keep you warm under
    any conditions. Relatively water-repellent so when it’s cold and
    sprinkling, you don’t get wet) and a soft shell – basically a North Face
    fleece that keeps you warm, but not too hot when it’s cool, but not cold
    out. The three jackets together weigh less than 3 lbs in their stuff sack.
    My point is layering is important…

  3. Christopher McKenna says:

    How to Care For Hiking Boots and Shoes

  4. FirearmsArmory says:

    Thanks for the maintenance tips. Just purchased some Keens and wanted to
    take care of them as they are a higher end boot.

  5. Backcountry Edge says:

    Great! Thanks for watching!

  6. Ch33no says:

    Thanks, I have that exact same boot…. Never would have thought to treat
    it since it’s has a gortex liner, but I will now….. to keep the outside
    in good shape.

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