How to decide if you should repair your shoes or buy them new

How to decide if you should repair your shoes or buy them new
I'm not sure if it's a kind of structural design failure or something about the way I walk, but every winter I break the zipper on at least one pair of boots (which is also the reason I own more than one pair). But fixing the zipper is a no-brainer …
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Six Not-Too-Awkward Airbnbs That Are Probably Still Legal After Santa Monica's
The kitchen and bathroom are inside the main house, but the facilities are large and very clean. (Just take off your boots before going in: the owners maintain "a shoe-free home.") The pod is surrounded by the home's spacious yard, which contains a …
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Shoes with Souls
While the exhibition features many heels, they aren't the only style on display. The work of Anne Marika Verploegh Chasse and her students are masterpieces of bespoke boots and original oxfords just for men. And Ruth Pettus uses shoes as an …
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