How to Style: ✿ Oxford Shoes ✿

How to Style: ✿ Oxford Shoes ✿

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25 Responses to How to Style: ✿ Oxford Shoes ✿

  1. Heather Nicole says:

    Can someone help me, I’m ordering some oxfords online and I don’t know if I
    should get my size or smaller or bigger. Thanks

  2. Jade Luong says:

    You’re complaining about the weather being bipolar, babe you should live in
    the UK and you’ll see what bipolar weather is

  3. mangafan812776 says:

    I just got a pair from aldo for $17 

  4. MapleSunset says:

    @33jazzygirl lol :) Thanks for watching! <3

  5. TinyTiff12 says:

    Where I we call them Boyfriends and EVERYONE has a pair of them & thats
    exactly how we wear them here :O

  6. KorahMKO says:

    what do you think of floral oxfords?how to style them and such?<3

  7. Juana Guanche says:

    I got mines from a’gacii and there the bestt!!

  8. Angie Contreras says:


  9. TheMegazort says:

    how tall are you?

  10. MapleSunset says:

    Of course! Style is all about showing your personality. As long as you feel
    confident in what you’re wearing, you can rock them anytime! :)

  11. Maureen mohan says:

    God. I’m green with envy due to my brother. He has actually been available
    constantly. Yet, he caused a part-time model to proclaim to him she loves
    him in less than a month. Just how can that be even possible? He informed
    me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous fell
    for me… I’ve not witnessed him so fulfilled. Kinda makes me frustrated.

  12. DgArNeCeEn says:

    I’m getting brown Oxford shoes from Aldo for $25 but originally $50

  13. MarJoTV says:

    Do you have any ideas for the Steve madden intyce boots. Also I bought some
    cute boots kinda military style but girly they have an Oxford detailing to
    them at the bottom. I would love hear or see your ideas. Please!

  14. mclecame379 says:

    Aldo shoes are too cheap! They don’t last long!

  15. Grace Chong says:

    OMG…soo i saw the brown one..and im gonna buy it

  16. Dania Pierce says:

    You could actually find some at amazon @TheJonquil44

  17. misschelselovesyou says:

    you got a bruise. just in case you were not aware lol:) the vids

  18. MapleSunset says:

    @Jazminex96 yay! Thanks for watching :D

  19. BraxinLaine says:

    would oxfords look cool still even though i have a flat foot and small
    ankles? lmao just wondering

  20. blueblingblush says:

    OMG! I bought the same shoes today! Thanks Jesus for your video, I wasn’t
    sure how to wear them! Oh, and thank you :)

  21. MapleSunset says:

    @glambitionstar101 Ohh I will ;) Thanks!

  22. princeza_bonb0n says:

    Imo the oxford’s doesn’t fit to your jumpsuit. :S It’s so dark and your
    shoes are so bright. Maybe darkbrown oxfords would fits much better. :)
    Just my 2 cents.

  23. nena1331 says:

    love the first outfit <3 especially the shirt do you know that name of it I
    would like to find it on forever 21 pls…

  24. jadore95 says:

    you look like gaga , but 10x prettier <3

  25. MagicHorseLover says:

    I’m sooo in love with oxfords shoes ! Do you think i can wear them again ?
    (i mean, in 2012) :)

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