How to Wash Sports Shoes : Cleaning Shoes

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Custom Made Sports Shoes (Rapid Manufacturing) A pioneering rapid manufacturing process invented at Loughborough University is being used to create sprint spikes with a custom ma…
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16 Responses to How to Wash Sports Shoes : Cleaning Shoes

  1. Jessica Augustine says:

    is this just 4 the bottom part or also 4 the bottom??

  2. amber L says:

    Why the hell is she talking like that

  3. KBSPort says:

    how to take care your sport shoes…=)

  4. HiddenGrace says:

    This was confusing. Was it just for the harder, bottom part of the shoe or
    can this be used for the whole shoe?

  5. Helen Joost says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jamaul Whyte says:

    Would’ve been good to show a before and after Look forward to trying this

  7. xeztan says:

    Like oh my gawwwd I am such a white girl

  8. wavyk2khris says:

    thats what im saying, it look like her shoe wasnt even dirty

  9. Danny Mejia says:

    Trying to say napkin 2wice..

  10. YoungSneakerHead says:

    gggggggggggg dadag cua 

  11. YoungSneakerHead says:
  12. YoungSneakerHead says:

    dos de $1 das rossy hate


  13. OrisolPlanet Go says:

    maybe it will be interesting for you to see production machinery at
    OrisolPlanet channel. abe

  14. Théo Clark says:

    Transcribe audio: “finally found inside if the assholes in the spring
    sports with the laser has”

  15. txaviees says:

    This is a Rapid Manufacturing System from the firm EOS, the Formiga P100.

  16. molinobeer says:

    I’m a world class sprinter, give me one of these!!! I

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