How to waterproof your boots and shoes

How to waterproof your boots and shoes. Slim tells how you can protect your shoes and boots from wet weather. What the best products to use to treat your foo…
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9 Responses to How to waterproof your boots and shoes

  1. Dee Graham says:

    Boyer, thank you for your YouTube video on waterproofing boots. I have
    nubuk leather hiking boots with a Gore-Tex liner. I don’t care if the
    color of the boot will change. I’m concerned a spray will not stand up to
    my hiking activities. Given that, what would you use to protect the nubuk
    leather? I’ve not worn the boots yet.

  2. runawaywithme686 says:

    How often should you apply the wax?

  3. Iman Insan says:

    i have a leather shoe but it tends to wear or became rough and not soft
    anymore when exposed to water inside the shoe. how to avoid this wear to
    happen? are there any shoe that meets my criteria? thank you

  4. tjackson45 says:

    I have black suede shoes and I want to use beeswax on them just because
    bees wax lasts longer than the spray on waterproofing products made for
    suede. I just wanted to know if this will discolor the black suede or
    perhaps there won’t be an even layer? 

  5. SuperKiko112 says:

    0:23 nice feet

  6. azemuldin says:

    Your super cool because your the guy who has perfected his trade thanks for
    the video , oh an your yeup reminds me of goofy lol but he’s super cool too

  7. 3rdshifted says:

    Does the rain&snow treament change the color of leather dress boots? Will
    it darken them? Where can I find some?

  8. christopher sanchez says:

    hey thanks for the video, im getting some clarks beeswax leather boots and
    am trying to make them waterproof for those rainy days. I was wondering if
    the rain & snow darkens the shoe much? or at least compared to snow seal.

  9. Boyer Bootnshoe says:

    You can find these products at bootnshoe. Rain & Snow will darken leather
    by a shade or two. If you do not want to discolor the leather any then I
    recommend a rain and stain spray-on type of protection like Justin Water
    and Stain Protectant. This product does not darken leather but is not as
    water repellent as The Bee Natural Rain & Snow.

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