John Lobb Spruces Up Its Classic Footwear

John Lobb Spruces Up Its Classic Footwear
So established an institution is Lobb that when Ms. Gerbase, 32, was named in June as the company's first artistic director, it was the talk not only of the shoe world, but also of the broader luxury fashion industry. As the market for men's wear has …
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Fashion forward: NJ woman's shoe design delivers comfort and style
President of Bernie Mev shoe company since 2009, Itamar has transformed the one-time leather shoe brand into a leader in comfortable woven footwear — all with the support of his wife, Rachel. Her background in jewelry, fashion and product design has …
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What's behind shoe obsessions?
"It might help if you think of shoe shopping as the ultimate happy form of shopping," says Steele, the author or co-author of more than a dozen books on fashion, including 2013's Shoe Obsession. "If buying a bathing suit is the most humiliating and …
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