Lordship And Literature Is Published As An Oxford English Monograph

Lordship And Literature Is Published As An Oxford English Monograph
Kendall’s Gower is a highly conservative author, and Kendall’s reading of Confessio Amantis presents the reader with a fairly straightforward text. Many of the perceived complexities in Confessio are ironed out. Kendall recognises that his approach might be seen to simplify what is a very complex work, and observes in his introduction that ‘by attempting to describe the poem’s politics I will inevitably be misrepresenting the way in which they are communicated, diminishing the poem’s subtlety’. It is worth pausing on this observation, as it is indeed revealing about one aspect of what is lost here. For example, Book VII, which is seen by many critics to disrupt the structure of Confessio Amantis which, prior to this book, has been organised around six of the seven deadly sins), is seen by Kendall to fit almost seamlessly within the whole. I write ‘almost’ advisedly here, because Kendall is clearly aware that other interpretations are possible. Thus he remarks that ‘in the context of discourses of lordship is MBT Shoes no detour in the poem yet is simultaneously a serious complication, or again, that ‘the book on kingship does not disrupt the structure as much as Genius and Amans’s conversation suggest?

Nevertheless, Kendall passes rather quickly over the scholarly debates around the structural problems of and contradictions within Confessio, even though, for many literary critics, these very problems and contradictions are what make Confessio such an exciting poem. It is worth also remarking in this context that the Confessio analyzed here is certainly an English poem: the authorial Latin verses and glosses to the poem receive very little attention. Equally seriously, although Kendall does provide an exemplary overview of recent critical literature on Gower in his introduction, he often does not engage with much of MBT Lami this material or, indeed, fully acknowledge some of the key texts that have made possible a study such as Lordship and Literature. The most striking omissions are Gower’s feminist critics, such as Maria Bullon-Fernandez, whose Fathers and Daughters in Gower’s Confessio Amantis: Authority, Family, State, and Writing (2000) receives one index entry, Georgiana Donavin, whose Incest Narratives and the Structure of Gower’s Confessio Amantis (1993) is not mentioned in the index, and Karma Lochrie, whose Covert Operations: The Medieval Uses of Secrecy (1999) does not appear in the bibliography.

Lordship and Literature is published as an Oxford English Monograph. Of the recent monographs on medieval English literature published in this series, a substantial number are based on DPhil theses submitted to the University of Oxford. Oxford University Press is certainly to be congratulated for its decision to foreground the research of promising young academics. Such a pro-active policy of providing a forum for disseminating new work ensures the future of our academic disciplines. However it is striking that, if the books advertised on the jacket of Lordship and Literature are to be taken as indicative of the list as a whole, OUP does not seem to be offering similar publication opportunities to the outstanding doctoral theses of students from outside Oxford. Given its status an international publisher, OUP would, in this respect seem extremely insular. The limitations of the series are perhaps reflected in the limitations of this volume. Kendall’s Lordship and Literature itself seems somewhat insular in its critical approach: deeply indebted to an Oxford tradition of historicizing rather than theorizing literature, and apparently oblivious to important larger debates. This is its key weakness. Its strengths are manifold: this is an eloquent, highly polished, engaging, informative study. I am convinced by many of its arguments, if not by all of its conclusions.

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