Love Pastry Shoe Commercial

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Colette Carr talks about rocking Pastry.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to Love Pastry Shoe Commercial

  1. Brittney clark says:

    Nice commercial(: lol

  2. ZoZoe2 says:


  3. TandG143 says:

    i just noticed the time on your phone is 11:11. did you plan that?lol

  4. letscrawl1 says:

    pastry need to make glow in dark

  5. chochang224 says:

    This is aweosme !!

  6. Taylor Morgan says:

    this was soo good! hope you guys win the contest!

  7. iAunie says:

    @Lilbettyboo1 It’s not out yet! :) <3

  8. Chrisy Nova says:

    the censored sex

  9. Nida Nisan Genç says:

    Pretty…I love u…

  10. Zamir Seitkazin says:

    Love Colette Carr

  11. FredRroseSelavy says:

    cCar is so delicious!

  12. LyukCalamari says:

    colette u r the best!

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