Men: When It Comes To Being Stylish, Start With Your Shoes

Men: When It Comes To Being Stylish, Start With Your Shoes
And what about the shoe rack? There's probably a go-to black oxford or derby (hopefully not square-toed) that sits next to a less-utilized deep brown pair. Women have always known that fashion is not about "fitting in." It's about standing out and …
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Sizing up the growing gap between SEC divisions; Punt, Pass & Pork
The Crimson Tide will be the visitor for the biggest matchup in Oxford since William Faulkner versus Air Conditioning. Ole Miss hasn't been … Did her parents divorce, leaving her mother single when King Roland happened to come by looking for new shoes?

Lenders Disrupt U.K. Finance Funding Borrowers Banks Snub
“Sorry I'm late,” says Desai, all business in a blue suit, white dress shirt and pointy black shoes, “but it's been a crazy day.” Five years ago, Desai and two of his mates from the University of Oxford, James Meekings and Andrew Mullinger, decided to …
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I'm a man! I know man stuff!
There's something of a New England tradition of millionaires wearing old shoes and driving modest cars just like regular folks. Maybe those people are onto something. States that experienced a higher level of inequality in conspicuous consumption (e.g …
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