More Summer Haulin’ | Cute Clutches & FAB Shoes!!!

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See how a shoe purchase led a Polish immigrant to launch her own successful small import business and achieve the American dream.
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27 Responses to More Summer Haulin’ | Cute Clutches & FAB Shoes!!!

  1. xoxhayhayxo says:

    Love your hauls :).Can’t wait for your upcoming lookbooks for more

  2. pattypan251970 says:

    great haul as always.. I donate my stuff all the time too.

  3. Laura B says:

    I love watching your videos, you are one of my favorites on YouTube. You’re
    so beautiful and you’re definitely an inspiration!

  4. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you Ann! I see that you live in LA now, we definitely have to get
    together the next time I’m there, until then we need a Skype date soon :)

  5. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you so much!

  6. Leeshy says:

    aww you’re growin up ;) lol just kidding! It’s funny because I used to be a
    pointed toe only kinda chic and then I started watching you as well as
    others and you got me into the rounded toe platforms! So I went from a more
    chic & demure style to being a bit more edgy! But mixing the two styles
    together has been so much fun! I’m glad you’re embracing the peep toes :)

  7. melissa pacheco says:

    U r my favorite YouTube guru! U r so talented n so nice… U always share
    all ur fabulous finds!

  8. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you love.

  9. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you so much Aj, I’m flattered! *blushes*

  10. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you Rai! P.S. You’re always shopping! LOL

  11. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you!

  12. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you Nakashia!

  13. aialeo09 says:

    i always look forward to your hauls & lookbooks. thank you for introducing
    me to sheinside. im obsessed with the site :)

  14. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Haha :)

  15. Minlanda Dubresil says:

    I can understand why

  16. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you love, I’ll let you know if I’m ever in Houston :-)

  17. Kristi Nicole says:

    You look so naturally beautiful here!! LOVINGGGG that clear clutch. Must.
    Get. ASAP :) xoxoxoxo

  18. nikeav says:

    Oh wow! You should not even have responded. She is clearly jealous of your
    life or just looking for attention. Your fashions are fab and what you do
    with them is your business!!

  19. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you love! I chose to respond because I really didn’t see how me
    saying that I donate items that I don’t use warranted such a disrespectful
    comment. I don’t feed into negativity, so I didn’t disrespect her in any
    way, nor will I disrespect someone, but I will set them straight.

  20. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Haha, my closets aren’t overflowing because I always donate my items that I
    no longer use or wear to people in need through my nonprofit organization
    and other organizations that I work with.

  21. Shameeka S says:

    U Look Gorge In This Vid…I Love Your Ensemble

  22. Amira McBride says:

    I love your fashion your are super pretty

  23. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    My pleasure, thank you so much for watching! I always store my shoes in
    their original boxes, so when we moved my husband and I just put the shoe
    boxes into huge moving boxes. None of my shoes got damaged during the move.

  24. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Thank you so much! I don’t think I’ll be able to attend, as I already have
    previous engagements, but I hope you all have a wonderful time :)

  25. AllThingsFabulous101 says:

    Hey boo!

  26. mike jones says:


  27. jane gomez says:

    Great story. She’s so cute :-) 

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