My Shoe Collection

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  1. clothesencounters says:

    OMG! There were so many people that entered that we decided to pick FOUR
    winners: lccynthia, Violet Bubblegum, tadradnathaniel, and
    misterkoulenghaha ! Please email to claim your

  2. AriaMusic12 says:

    the amount of jeffery campbell shoes you have physically pains me

  3. Aeare L says:

    I have two pairs of shoes lol.

  4. AK H says:

    As a girl, once I hit age 14 my feet didn’t grow, so it was easy to buy
    about 5 pairs of shoes a year and grow my collection (unless my fashion
    style changed, which it did and I gave a few shoes away). I’m now 18 and
    have almost 20 pairs that I actually like. It is very easy to accumulate
    90+ shoes at her age, especially as a fashion blogger. 

  5. Derek Peco says:

    ok 10 pairs is a lot for me already!

  6. Gayle G. says:

    guys spend their money on food while girls splurge on shoes circle of life

  7. springbreakup says:

    this video must’ve been so utterly tedious to make…

  8. annie9 says:

    I really wonder where you keep all of your shoes..I barely have space to
    store all of mine! 

  9. DezitaAlvarado says:

    Can you give me an opinion about lovelywholesale shoes? I want to buy a lot

  10. Kaylin Anderson says:

    Hey! I like the “Cute Kicks Sneaker” by Marc by Marc Jacobs. An all white
    shoe with a black strip of detailing w/ a zipper at the front, what kind of
    sorcery. The shoe looks sick as hell. 

  11. Rhiannon Harrison says:

    I thought owning 7 pairs of shoes was a lot… 

  12. Brianna Riggio says:

    *goes and counts shoes*
    Okay so I have about 43 pairs of shoes right now (including sneakers and
    flipflops)…I’m 17 and my feet stopped growing when I was roughly 13. Some
    of those are kind of beat up/I don’t wear them anymore (maybe 10 to 15
    pairs since I haven’t really gotten rid of many since then), but basically
    it’s possible to rack up shoes quickly when your feet aren’t growing any
    more. Of all of those, only 2 or 3 pairs cost $30 or more (a fancy pair of
    heels and a pair of leather boots, and I assume I forget at least one,
    maybe my gym sneakers though I had a gift card). Most of them were between
    $15 and $25, and at least a third were under $15. I had maybe 15 at age 13
    including a pair of gym sneakers, several pairs of high heels for school
    concerts and church, two pairs of boots, several pairs of flats, and two
    pairs of shoes that had been required for drama club. I’ve averaged about 7
    or 8 new pairs of shoes per year since then because I bought shoes out of
    season (boots in the summer and sandals in the winter) and therefore got
    some very inexpensive ones on top of a few more necessary ones…Not that
    I’m not embarassed by this. I was just trying to imagine how she ended up
    with so many and now I can imagine myself getting up to that number by the
    time I’m in my mid-20’s (I don’t know how old she is but that’s how long it
    would take me if I got rid of some as I grew probably). What

  13. Victoria Bussell says:

    I own 40 pairs and I thought that was a lot…


    *GASP* …….either I just had to pee or I just felt an orgasm off all
    these shoes!!Not kidding!!! It all started with the red Jeffrey Campbell.
    My hearts’ seriously still beating….

    you’re seriously blessed girl! :D

  15. angelz252 says:

    I’ve watched this a thousand times and each time I feel better about my
    collection ;). I know yours has probably grown some more over the months
    but i’ve reached about 100 pairs and I’m so glad we are on the same
    boat!!!! Love you so much Jenn

  16. virgolock says:

    My mum would go totally crazy if I own that amount of shoes. But I really
    like some of your shoes.

  17. chubby bunny says:

    I have 37 and my friends say they are a lot, well…I should propably show
    them your collection LOL all of your shoes are amazing! :)

  18. Cynthia Novianti says:

    ohh i wish i could collect shoes as much as you have jenn, as if my mom let
    me do it. i think i’ve only have about 20 or maybe a little bit more. hehe.
    love you btw jenn.

  19. Mai Yia Her says:

    Owning 43 pairs takes up 5 shelves of mines. Wonder how you even store
    yours. So clean <3

  20. Wonder Waffer says:

    What the fuck!!! D; that’s a lot of shoes…. I only have like 5 or 6. One
    pair of running shoes, two pairs of wedges, one pair of flats, one pair of
    boots, and one pair of vanz. 

  21. Too Ssam says:

    i love all the buckles and clear details

  22. Sarah Klijsen says:

    U own a whole shoe store!

  23. NinaTigerZzz says:

    What are number 9 called

  24. Christina Shin says:

    What impresses me is that you managed to remember where you got all your
    shoes from for each and every one of them loll

  25. monica cruz says:

    Yea cool but of were the same but different color idk eachvto their own, in
    my case it over whelms me to have a lot of the same shoe style but just
    different color;/ good for u though

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