New Audi Tt Oxford

New Audi Tt Oxford
The original Audi TT Mk1 model is an iconic sports car that was further complemented by the cabriolet version. Fans and enthusiasts alike cannot seem to get enough of the unique styling and capable performance that this car offers. In fact, the Mk2 Audi TT was long awaited by adorers of the famed brand. Quite similar to new Audi offerings in the past, the new Audi TT did not disappoint as it now gave fans a new crowd favorite in terms of performance, styling and outright refinement.

In typical Audi fashion, the new Audi TT carries over the same design profile of the Mk1 model but further complemented by familiar Audi styling cues such as the large Bauhaus inspired grill. While the uninitiated will have trouble distinguishing the Audi TT from the A4 when viewed from the front, there is no denying the sexy and sleek profile that extends all the way to the back. Such a slippery profile enables the TT to remain one of the most aerodynamic efficient cars in its class while remaining attractive enough to be coveted. The ladies in particular will revel in this styling coupe de grace but men will find the driving feel to be one of the most adored traits.

A new Audi TT Oxford is only a mouse click away. You can quickly browse the Internet for a dealer near you. You can also avail of affordable financing schemes and hug discounts upon the purchase of your new car. You can even visit the showroom and see the amazing design engineering built in both the Audi TT coupe and cabriolet version. Worthy of consideration is the automatic rising rear spoiler that creates more down force at speeds of 70MPH upwards. This is the perfect sports car that presents no compromise in terms of relative comfort and luxury.

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