Nike sport shoes aliexpress com

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  1. Ilyes Cheddadi says:

    J’ai déjà commandé des baskets comme ça….c’est réplique

  2. keny bella says:

    un grand grand bonjour pour vous, bah je viens de découvrir vos vidéos et
    votre page facebook, et là je veux vous félicité j’ai trop trop aimé tout
    ce que vous faites. Et pour ce basket je dirai seulement waw ! parce que ça
    m’a plu vraiment et je le trouve très classe même pour filles aussi, et
    pour une sortie pour quoi pas! non seulement pour faire du sport! aller
    coucou et bon courage ;) 

  3. sweetfid says:

    La contrefaçon nuit à la productivité de l’entreprise !

  4. Zikho Online says:

    Tu les a acheter a combien stp

  5. mahieddine victor says:

    SALAM ma soeur merci de m’avoire repondu ls brief délai je souhaiterai
    savoir comment etre accepter sur ce programe mail moi if you want j’ai
    besoin de tes conseil

  6. elodie geeroms says:

    salut , tu as eu des frais de douane ? :-) 

  7. Brooke Besemer says:

    English please 

  8. Nabil Dahni says:

    3djebni …… ;)

  9. mahieddine victor says:

    bonjour stp je souhaite savoir comment alimeter ma master card payoner ani
    hassel une aide peu etre

  10. hossam elfalaha says:

    Salam u aleykoum ,la texture est resistante ??

  11. ZAZZ313 says:

    Salam est ce que la vendeuse cai Lili de Ali express est fiable et pour ne
    pas avoir de soucis avec la douane que vaut mieux il prendre ?

  12. Muslim Queens says:

    Hiii, yes it’s French :) well I said that everything was great, the details
    are perfect no problems with the stitching. You can not make the difference
    between the original and this one except when you touch the quality of the
    material in the top, it’s a bit thin. for the size it’s just fine. You can
    click on the link and see the size table. it’s available for women also
    (from 36 to 43 european) The color is as the one shown on the picture. I
    offer it to my father so he practice some sport.

  13. MONEY HOUSE says:

    Real hip hop media. com

  14. dollfacedbabeokay says:

    Sounds like french? i only speak veryyyyy little french

  15. Hadj Sayah Abdelhamid says:

    hey, i realy liked the shoes & the color too & i want to tell that was nice
    from you to make this channel & give a videos demonstration for electronic
    buy neither the tutoriels of arabic Hijab. my salutation from your hometown.

  16. Jorge Santos says:

    The link doesnt work. Can you put another. Thanks

  17. Muslim Queens says:

    Salam, pour etre sur de la fiabilité du vendeur il faut lire les
    commentaires et les notes des clients qui ont déjà reçu leurs paquets. En
    ce qui concerne la douane, il faut que le vendeur précise ce que contient
    le colis et séparer en plusieurs si la quantité est grande.

  18. Muslim Queens says:

    Hiiii, just search for nike shoes on aliexpress .c o m, you can select by

  19. Catherine Yu says:

    I don’t mind if it is real or fake. If I can get one pair of Nike shoes at
    30$, I’ll never cost 300$+ on the “real” one. They feel the same when
    walking.Here is the website I normally buy from China:…Have a
    try, I suppose most of you will like it.

  20. ZAZZ313 says:

    Barakallahu fik merci beaucoup je vais essayer de ce pas ;) et sinon sa a
    bien tenu les chaussure jusque à aujourd’hui ^^ ?

  21. dollfacedbabeokay says:

    I love the sound of your language! Wish I understood what you were
    saying… everything was good right? with the product? Anyways, good video!

  22. dollfacedbabeokay says:

    thank you for this translation! your the best x

  23. Muslim Queens says:

    wafika baraka, oui ça tient bien jusqu’à maintenant :) bsahtek d’avance

  24. nomundopl says:

    Hey, Could you send name of store where you buy ? Or some link ? In “about”
    does not work :/ Have a nice day!

  25. dollfacedbabeokay says:

    I ordered a pair of sneaks from there recently and they are AMAZING alot of
    ppl say dont play sports in them but i do my tennis and volleyball drills
    in them and yes sometimes i forget they are counterfeit and go a little too
    hard in them but guess what, they are GOOD quality and nothing has popped
    off, no stitches have loosened, im actually surprised, so i now i dont only
    wear mines for looks, i used to put on my real nikes when i do sports but
    now i dont. hope i helped! msg me for questions.

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