Oxford SHOES for MEN and WOMEN

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Create your own oxford shoes out of white sneakers! I love white sneakers but sometimes it gets boring. If you wish to create something different with your sneakers this is a great and easy…
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10 Responses to Oxford SHOES for MEN and WOMEN

  1. 23elenaa says:

    really cool!!!

  2. r santiago says:

    I’m so doing this!!
    Great idea girly!!

  3. Alex Yao says:

    I love this video! What kind of editor do you use? And camera?

  4. Alex Yao says:

    What kind of “wash”? Like a rinse?

  5. Debi's Design Diary says:

    this is so adorably genius! Great tutorial and really fun idea!!!!!

  6. diyncraftpriscilla says:

    thank you!

  7. Boggletheartist says:

    Really nice

  8. ChicDesignCafe says:

    Very cute.

  9. normilyn dinio says:

    I love it,,thanks to your wonderful work

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