Pastry: Introducing The Dress Shoe Collection [HD]

Watch Vanessa and Angela Simmons as they build the new Pastry dress shoe collection. Staring Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, the Pastry shoe team and hot Pa…

11 Responses to Pastry: Introducing The Dress Shoe Collection [HD]

  1. steelman1331 says:

    They got the money from their father to start their “own” Business Rev.
    Run. They didn’t even work hard to get the money to start there “own”
    business. So it’s not really their business.

  2. jaeOneS2 says:

    i think vanessa is soo beautiful.

  3. Sasha Heart says:

    i wouldn’t wear none of those shoes not trying to be mean but if they
    targeting the 10 -15 yr old crown go for it.

  4. MsLovable10 says:

    that wss up

  5. xcotton says:

    thumbs wayyyy down

  6. Alkongi Mecupee says:

    big fail!!!!!

  7. cherrymixxin says:

    How are yall saying fail?!?!?!? When I turn 18 I know for a FACT I will be

  8. WierdmanProductions says:


  9. Jessica Fischer says:


  10. Pinkkk Lipsss says:

    they are bitchesss lol

  11. itsmaryon says:

    i hate angela.

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