Pastry Shoe Unboxing

I got my Pastry shoes and My brother told me to make a video of them so I did you can get Pastry shoes at and you can go be friend…

24 Responses to Pastry Shoe Unboxing

  1. sierra4eva1 says:

    Lol you said you were a 6 and a half I’m 13 and I’m a size 4

  2. wigbitboicomedy says:

    I think mine came in like 5 days so I would say 7-9 days if you live in
    England but I don’t really know

  3. wigbitboicomedy says:

    @WeCrazy4Cody143 OMG yes

  4. wigbitboicomedy says:

    @SalmaFlores143 they should come by then i live in PA and they came in like
    5 days so they should come that day or someday close that

  5. SalmaFlores143 says:

    Im Jelly Of You Rite Now Cuz iOrdered Some On Friday And They Havent
    Shipped.I Want Them For The First Day Of School On Wednesday !! x(

  6. Emilyxoxo says:

    R they comfortable??? :)

  7. sierra4eva1 says:

    I mean 3

  8. Sarah Martineau says:

    Fuck this piece of shit

  9. minecraftgurl99999 says:

    u r to quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avery Mailliard says:

    So dope girl

  11. unknown123434 says:

    The lime green pair bright gosh at lease yo mama will know where you at
    them some LOUUDD!!! shoes do loud I got a headache seriously I really do
    … I need a pain reliever ASAP

  12. Emilyxoxo says:

    @wigbitboicomedy COOL!! I cant wait to get mine in! I ordered the green
    ones! it sucks because pastry didnt have my size so i finally found a
    website that had a nine so i hurried up and bought them!!

  13. brittany baker says:

    I ordered mine on cyber monday and my payment hasn’t even been registered
    yet. this is absolutely ridiculous.

  14. fashionbybri14 says:

    how long did it take for them 2 get 2 u

  15. Isabella Jacobs says:

    neon green sire for women is awesome i got sires but theyre like blue green
    orange pink and the inside is leopard print

  16. wigbitboicomedy says:

    @fashionbybri14 like 5 days or 7 days

  17. wigbitboicomedy says:

    I got them for like $40 but one of them was on sale for $30

  18. Kayla Marie says:

    Okay, Thanks I am going to call them tomorrow because its been over 2 weeks
    and they are still not here.

  19. Pierre Eshun says:

    i live in england and i got mine for £20 pounds (black red and gold) from
    tk max but i use mine for jerking

  20. ill3st_sh0rti3 says:

    How long did it take for them so start to ship it and how many days was it
    when they came

  21. Kayla Marie says:

    I bought a pair of pastry shoes and I got standard shipping and i live in
    Arizona, its been 13 days and they still havent arrived. Do u think there
    is something wrong with my order? Should I call them?

  22. wigbitboicomedy says:

    I would call them to see whats going on but it could be hat they are backed
    up on orders but i would call

  23. Holly Jonson says:

    Awwww lime green is yuck

  24. sierra4eva1 says:

    are they expensive? how much were they

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