Pastry Shoes “Step into Fall”

Pastry Fall 2013 Lifestyle Video featuring Cody Simpson, Coco Jones, Madison Pettis, Alli Simpson, Katie Armiger, and Jessica Jarrell.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Pastry Shoes “Step into Fall”

  1. Danniela Venturina Simpson Mahone says:

    Alli and Codyyyyyyyy!

  2. M1NDA9 says:

    OMGvfkdmblkmfdlkemflmlds!!! I LOVE THE MUSIC, CODY, SHOES, CODY…

  3. Fatima Garcia says:

    Oh my god! Lile it! The thing is that i’m of mexico and i cant buy it! :(

  4. daghan basaran says:

    A wire(fifth) is missing his guitar :(

  5. laura garcia says:

    me encanta!!

  6. Amy x says:

    Cody poped up and I was like MA BOYFRIEND MA BOYFRIEND IS ONNN

  7. Paula M says:


  8. Chloe Chew says:


  9. AprilSimmer says:

    i had no idea people still wore pastries omg talk about throwback

  10. m says:

    Madison never made it.

  11. daghan basaran says:

    amına koyiyiyim biz telleri tam olan elektro,klasik ve bas gitarla kız
    tavlayamazkan adam 5. teli kopmuş klasik gitarla mekanın amına koyuyo piç :(

  12. Micaela Lemos says:

    Aww más divino Cody

  13. lydia rayam says:


  14. Alonsia Dickson says:

    Madison’s pants were so cute

  15. Altieri says:

    Shoes are great, video was delevoped poorly. Wrong choice of music. Wheres
    the theme? Choa!

  16. ImALopez08 says:

    Them shoes!!!!

  17. Fatima Badaguas says:

    cody <3

  18. Silke Simpson says:

    what did you say? Ofcourse she made it –‘

  19. raychelchannel says:


  20. Paige Garza says:

    So excited!!

  21. Fatima Garcia says:

    *like But this commercial is perfect eith Cody and Alli!!!! :D

  22. Helene Karlstrøm says:


  23. Jenny D says:

    codyyy and alliiiiii

  24. Octaria Maya says:


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