Pastry Shoes “Wandering Soles”

Pastry Spring 2013 Lifestyle Video featuring Cody Simpson, Alli Simpson, Madison Pettis, Jessica Jarrell, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Colette Carr and C…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Pastry Shoes “Wandering Soles”

  1. Diana Ajanel says:

    cody :o *-*

  2. ColetteCarrBR says:

    Thumbs up for Colette Carr!

  3. Koala Simpson says:

    Codyyyyy alliiii

  4. ljah437 says:

    Nice!! :)

  5. CupcakePrincess2397 says:

    I so wish I could model for Love pastry

  6. Debbie Ogunsanwo says:

    love da shoes, advert make no sense but great shoes

  7. daizeemae14 says:

    Kik me daizeemae please

  8. waynefarro says:

    Colette Carr > everyone else in this video

  9. FlossyShow says:

    i would so love to model for pastry! I love me colours :D

  10. Sara Bint Feisal says:


  11. amalie bieber says:

    Jessica and Madison are so perfect. I love them both so much!!

  12. FaTii Castillo says:


  13. Brooke Hawker says:

    Oh cody the way he throws things into the water :)

  14. crazeechickee11 says:

    Dude, as soon as I get back to the US, I AM BUYING A PAIR OF THESE.

  15. Thalia CS says:

    Cody and Alli Simpson, are so much PERFECT!

  16. Luvcodysimpsonxx2 says:

    Cody,Alli,Madison. OMFG

  17. Georgia Simpsonizer says:

    My thoughts were just CODY :O ALLI :O JESSICA :O MADISON :O

  18. ciara smith says:

    Cody & Alli!!:D love them. It would be awesome to model for Love Pastry..<3

  19. Calli Simpson says:

    cody and alli omg3

  20. LittleAri99 says:

    OMG this is perf!!

  21. Joanna Adler. says:

    This is when Jessica had brown hair! <3

  22. cielu ramponi says:

    Cody ♥.♥

  23. Natii Mora says:

    Ahhh Cody!!!

  24. Eltnena says:

    It’s beautiful **

  25. ciara smith says:

    The way Cody threw the trunk<333

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