Pay Attention to Sports Shoes

Pay Attention to Sports Shoes

Now young men and students like to wear sports shoes, because the shoes are soft, comfortable, firm and with durability to wear. But if you wear sports shoes too often, you feet will be easy to get moisture. Wet feet is the meaning of moisture, and endemic neuritis is its name that is named by doctors. It is caused by the reproduced funguses that make a living on the secreted sweat from humans.

There is frequent wet inside the shoes, because the wet on the feet of people can not easily send out, particularly the position of toe. Moulds are able to move and reproduce under this advantageous requirement. As a result; you are likely to fall in beriberi because of sports shoes. So let’s talk about how to prevent athlete’s foot even if we wear sports shoes.

There is an ordinary method, is to remain clean and dry inside the shoes. What need you to do is to often scrub your shoes, and remember to lay your shoes in the ventilated position afterwards you take off your shoes. You had better purchase some dehydration that also has a few titles, such as no water  Nike Free Run 2  alum, calcium chloride anhydrous as well as quicklime. Packed with gauze, in order to suction moisture of shoes, put it into the shoes, and for the sake of repeated using, put it into the airtight containers again in the next morning. This can make you wear dry sports shoes every day.

In addition, cleanliness of feet ought to draw you more attention to put on sports shoes. Do not give the opportunity to breed mold, and then athlete’s foot “can be reduced or relapsed. In order to clear up the stink of the shoes, alcohol will help you a lot, for alcohol has antiseptic function. Of course, the charcoal also can deodorant.

The footwear industry of Quanzhou has went through the baptism of a lot of setbacks from the past twenty years reformation and opening, and at the beginning they just used a few pairs of hammers, some scissors and a few sewing machines to begin their business. Through increased investment in technology, improved product technology content, the pursuit of scale and other approaches, the industry has gradually made progress. The city currently has four thousand shoes making enterprises, and possesses Italy, Japan, Taiwan and other areas’ introduction of hundreds of complete production lines, thousands of plastic injection molding machines and all kinds of special equipment for making shoes.

They can produce all kinds of men and women fashion leather shoes, boots, outdoor shoes, sports shoes, working shoes, cloth shoes, beach slippers, sandals, and all kinds of traditional embroidered shoes, with high production levels and a wide variety. Quanzhou is not just China’s major shoe-making base, but is the production base of world tourism.

Quanzhou is located in the southeast coast of China, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, historical and cultural city, the starting point of the ancient “Marine Silk Road”. Quanzhou shoe is a kind of product that is accepted and loved by consumers, and have a higher market share. This not only reflects the level of the footwear industry of Quanzhou, but also improves the visibility at home and abroad. Among them, the development of the footwear industry has made remarkable achievements.

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