polishing shoes or boots for parades

video showing how to start polishing a new pair of parade shoes. there are different ways to do this but this is the way I was taught in the army. hope it he…

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  1. lawrence Carr says:

    Hey, I’m a royal marine cadet and this has helped me out big time with my
    cap shoes, thanks!

  2. Army Cadets says:

    Can you do a video for Army Boots???


  3. Peter Brown says:

    Thank you, but I’ve heard that Parade Gloss contains paraffin:
    One tip I’d like to mention is to use surgical gloves if you are as clumsy
    as I am.
    Another is to put a good film on!

  4. paperbackfox says:

    True craftsman. Makes me want to shine up a pair of Dr. Martens I just got,
    but I like he matt finish on them better. :)

  5. James Hutchings says:

    awww cute size 3 ;)

  6. Kyle Leslie says:

    I have the same shoes same water bowl and same rag(I forgot name of it)but
    my mom didn’t get same polish

  7. PennyWise says:

    @Samson Faccon Yes, It called water bull

  8. Samson Faccon says:

    I have heard that using cotton balls, can make the bates/shoes to become
    more shiny than using a cloth. Although this video, is a good tutorial for
    cadets like me, thank you.

  9. Paul Harsent says:

    Would you apply some sort of heat either with a lighter or hot spoons?

  10. H Jr says:

    I have parade boots, my left one is perfect but my right one i managed to
    mess up, the leather on it is damaged and makes it impossible to polish.(i
    already took off the polish with hot water) if anyone could help me out
    that would be great, thanks!

  11. Jetstranger says:

    Never used it myself but worth a try.. Kiwi is a reasonably priced and very
    good polish with a long history too. I know there are many good polishes
    out there nowadays, each to there own, but I will certainly give it a go if
    I find some on sale.

  12. Ksixstring says:

    cheers mate.

  13. cooking23 says:

    hi should of said, you can only but it from USA, I got mine off of Amazon,
    but not cheap, if your interested…

  14. Ethan Tsui says:

    would you suggest fire shining the shoes after you are done layering the

  15. sheldon cooper says:

    I cant stress enough not to use parade gloss it does not do crap. if you
    want to learn to polish boots/shoes right go to ”how to polish cadet
    boots” by my username (Sheldon cooper). please you will wreck your shoes
    and boots if you do what this video says. also my method works on shoes and
    boots and you should use spit because it is not greasy like he says, the
    debate over spit is that spit contains salt which can dry out the leather
    (which it wont) not that its greasy.

  16. cooking23 says:

    try using kiwi cordovan polish, gives a deep gloss shine, better than
    parade gloss

  17. Jetstranger says:

    They are straight out of the box just take a look at the inside. there is
    no wear on the logo.

  18. Ethan Tsui says:

    hey man, nice video what brand are the shoes? i couldnt quite catch the logo

  19. harry tutt says:

    never been worn but yet somehow they have a crease were your toes bend,
    nice try mate

  20. drummermachine12345 says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial

  21. Jetstranger says:

    I have use cotton balls and they work fine, The cloth I suggest is the
    silvyt cloth which is a silver cleaning cloth and very smooth they were
    always on sale in the Naffi shop at the training depots. The principle is
    the same which ever you use.

  22. David Meredith says:

    Red horse

  23. jay73 says:


  24. Penny McGrory says:

    That was very helpfull, thanks.

  25. Jetstranger says:

    I used ordinary Kiwi polish in the Army for 17 years and then Kiwi parade
    gloss for the last 10 years and I have had no problem with either. As I
    said in my video some people use spit, some water, up to the individual,
    just be careful if you’ve not long eaten or had a drink as what is in your
    mouth comes out with your spit. I just perfer water as I know it’s clean
    and It works for me.

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