Rapid Puff Pastry – Easy Recipe

Rapid Puff Pastry – Easy Recipe

How to prepare Rapid Puff Pastry? Also called quick puff pastry, this pastry starts out just like pie dough. Very cold pieces of butter, flour, salt, and ice water are briefly mixed, leaving large, visible chunks of butter. The dough is given its turns immediately. The rapid dough will not rise as high as the classic, but the texture is still flaky and delicate, making it an excellent all-purpose pastry. Slightly more dense than classic puff pastry, it stands up well to savory fillings that tend to be heavy. Napoleons are much easier to cut from rapid puff pastry; when sliced, the layers tend to shatter and crumble less than with classic. Puff pastry scraps are perfect for napoleons, since the dough is docked and weighted to prevent a high rise. Ingredients and directions. Follow them very carefully:



3 ⅓ cups bread flour (4 lb)
1 ½ tsp salt (1 oz)
2 cups unsalted cold butter, cut into ½ inch chunks (4 lb)
½ cup plus 1 Tbs (5 fl oz) ice water (1 lb 4 oz)


Combine the flour and salt in a mixer bowl. With the mixer fitted with the paddle and set on lowest speed, add the butter to the flour and salt. Add the ice water in a steady, continuous trickle; continue mixing until the dough just begins to come together. Mix until just barely combined; large pieces of butter should remain. Form into a rough block; chill at least 1 hour. (Pounding the well-floured mass into a shape on a floured surface with a rolling pin minimizes handling.) Roll out into an 8 by 20-inch rectangle. Fold the short ends of the dough inward to meet at the center. Fold the dough at the center as if you were closing a book (4 fold or book turn). Repeat for the second and third turns, rotating the dough package 90 degrees so that when the dough is rolled, the layers of the previous fold now become the short ends of the new rectangle. Refrigerate 1 hour before rolling and shaping.
Puff pastry can be refrigerated three to four days without losing quality. Freeze the assembled products, such as apple turnovers, rather than the whole paton for best results. Thaw filled products in the refrigerator overnight before baking. Unfilled or minimally filled products, such as palmiers or vol-au-vent shells, can be baked directly from the freezer.
For rapid puff pastry, bake small cookies (palmiers, sacristans) at 425°F, sheet-pan-sized puff pastry for napoleons at 400°F, and large filled tortas at 375°F.

Makes: 2 pounds 6 ounces dough

Follow this directions and you will be surprised how good this recipe really is.  Bon Apetit.

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