Shoe 101: The Monkstrap, Derby, and Oxford

Details, and what you want to know down here↓↓↓ Hello Gents. Today is the first video of Shoe 101. We are breaking down the Monkstrap, Derby, and Oxford. We …
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8 Responses to Shoe 101: The Monkstrap, Derby, and Oxford

  1. Sergio.Leomar Vargas says:

    Backpacks and travel bag videooooo guys!!! +The Gent’s Lounge 

  2. Ace Evans says:

    You can tell there still a little hesitant on camera. But that will go away
    with time. And Blake needs to tell his 50k Instagram followers to subscribe
    to this awesome channel. 

  3. PherociousPanda says:

    Not trying to be a dick. But try not to repeat each other so much..

  4. vinsanimo says:

    what kind of monk straps are those?

  5. Not my name on youtube says:

    It’s actually pronounced “darbys” 

  6. Bhadrajee Dahanayake says:

    Just found the channel and susbscribed! Keep up the good work guys! :) 

  7. Chris Martin says:

    Good shoe review…but your tie clip is WAY too high. Move that sucker down
    and it’ll look much better!

  8. krzo25 says:

    Can you guys post a video on summer outfits, cause I’m going in a cruise
    soon and I still want to look like a gent.

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