Shoes of Italian Leather {Live at Town Hall 1953} (9/25) Elston Gunn

Shoes of Italian Leather {Live at Town Hall 1953} (9/25) Elston Gunn

Lyrics: Oh, I’m sailin’ away my own true love I’m sailin’ away in the morning Is there something I can send you from across the sea From the place that I’ll …
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25 Responses to Shoes of Italian Leather {Live at Town Hall 1953} (9/25) Elston Gunn

  1. jnandreas says:

    1963*, dylan was 22 not 12, and it’s spanish not italian, and it’s boots
    not shoes, fml.

  2. Richard Crocker says:

    God gave women physical beauty but he gave men the beauty of romantic soul
    …………. I think men are the real romantics ……. who writes most of
    the romantic poetry and ballads ?? There are always exceptions and we all
    have different talents but this is my experience in life up till now 

  3. Miriam Panaro says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  4. ulric rainard says:

    sweetly done. What an incredible arc to the life of Bob Dylan. Thank You,

  5. Elgiver Acheampong says:

    How this song makes me cry every time i hear it actually amazes me

  6. Mickey Tenenbaum says:

    By the way ……….. y’all have noticed that Dylan completely stole
    “Boots of Spanish Leather” (from himself)? It is a remake of “Girl From
    The North Country.” Try to sing one of them with Dylan singing the other
    — pretty much the same tune, same chords, same meter, you name it. Who
    better for him to steal from? 

  7. Tom Brunton says:

    how would it be possible to improve on perfection – wow

  8. Shane McFee says:

    very very good. however most folks have heard this song…… I wanna see
    Patty Smith version…with that guy..

  9. Mickey Tenenbaum says:

    This just gives me the chills. Right after this song was released in the
    Summer of ’64 (Times They Are A Changin Album) my sweetie sailed (flew)
    away to Madrid for four months (semester abroad). I was so sad! I played
    this song over and over again, just to make sure that I was still sad.
    Unlike the girl in the song, my sweetie came back — brought me a guitar,
    not boots. We got married two years later, still married. 

  10. Tom DelFavero says:

    no, this was 1953 when he was 12. He wanted those boots because it was so
    cold in the north country. Which is why he used the same chords and melody
    for Girl from the North Country… I’m pretty sure…. But with Dylan its
    hard to tell. He’s from outer space.

  11. Mike Webster says:


  12. Yisrael Medad says:

    boots he said

  13. Benni Jones says:

    1963. To Suzie Rotollo

  14. KTMSparky says:

    Good track – but I still prefer Townes!!

  15. Lisa Piewacket says:


  16. tyler mullins says:

    Dylan was only 8 years old in 1953 he was born in may of 1945
    this is probably 1964 or 65

  17. Antonio Roberto Macae says:

    The best ever. Eternal Dylan !

  18. Tom DelFavero says:

    he was a child eulogy too.

  19. MrTheBeast says:

    Better than the studio version.

  20. Danielle Labadie says:

    pure and perfect <3 

  21. Sean research says:

    1953. huh?

  22. Macangusagain says:

    an amazing early creation by the finest poet-songwriter ever to live in
    America, thank goodness there was a Robert Zimmerman,who became Bob Dylan,a
    spectacular musical poet laureate to the entire world and easily without
    equal-ever !!!

  23. patrick baron says:

    another place to like it!

  24. Janileigh Cohen says:

    best song EVER

  25. Steven Bailey says:

    Shakespeare with a guitar. Genius .

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