Taizhou Sports Shoes Brand Base


Taizhou Sports Shoes Brand Base

HC Shoe Network on January 27 hearing recently, Wenling City, heard good news: Taizhou People’s downtown streets were awarded the “Taizhou Sports shoes Brand base”title. After 30 years of development, Downtown streets Shoes formed a one-stop production and marketing of industrial clusters, the town has all kinds of system Shoe Business 988, nearly 5 million employees, annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, accounted for more than 70% of total output value of the street. When Hengfeng, Muyu, Steven Lang, etc. main attack injection shoes Sandals and Casual shoes, the north of the city were launched into the sports shoes manufacturing, joint Bo Yang, Eagle, Wai Thai, rich celebrities, the new name of music. Everything focused on developing the brand sports shoes series.

At present, the downtown streets in a total of 560 production is low, mid-range sports shoes, Sell Exceeded more than 20 billion yuan, annual production capacity of up to 80 million pairs of products are exported to Europe, South America and other countries. Mainly sold to China Hebei, Sichuan, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong and other regions by the majority of consumers, become the city’s largest professional manufacturer of sports shoes gathering area.

The street with brand-based training and management, in Taizhou, Bo Yang, Eagle, Master Card and other leading companies, led by Long, the second tier of new foot, will g, East Asia, closely followed by companies such as road Friends , set off to create the brand’s high tide. As of now, the whole street has more than 200 registered trademarks, of which 198 registered trademark shoes, a well-known trademarks in China, two provincial famous trademark, a famous trademark in Taizhou city level 6, Wenling city-level famous trademark 12, Foreign R 15.

Takeing Taizhou Global Trading Co., Ltd for example. it is a specialized supplier of footwear and other related products. It is located in the beautiful and fertile east coasts of Taizhou, Zhejiang province, the unique geographical location with advantageous sea land and air transport. With more than 7 years trading experience, they sell their products to clients worldwide such as France, Germany, UK, United States, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and South Africa and so on. They have won a high admiration and widely trusted at home and abroad because of their products’ good quality, nice appearance and prompt delivery.The position of greatest advantages contributes them to achieve $ 20 million annual export values.

“Customer first and service foremost” is their mission. Since foundation, the company adheres to humanism management, pay attention to the development of shoes products. High-quality people are key to quality service and customers’ satisfaction. Taizhou Global staffs that are all equipped with professional customer service skills and dedicated to establish a high-quality trade kingdom. They abide by contracts strictly, take quality first and customer paramount as our tenet.

Taizhou Sports shoes Brand base is one of the classical bases for sports shoes production. There are many other production bases in the coastal cities of China,such as Putian, Jinjiang in Fujian province. They found more and more independent brands, and sell their products at home and abroad. As China has became a global manufacturing country, the goods made in China have been around the global. Nowadays, what important to our enterprise is innovation. The independent brand just like the unique face of every person. Only a famous brand can make people remember ‘his face’.

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